National Stamp & Scrapbook Month- RubberStampMadness Giveaway

NSSM National Stamp & Scrapbook Month 2020Hi Everyone! It’s Pauline and I’m back for another fun National Stamp & Scrapbook Month giveaway.  Giving away a prize a day, what could be more fun?   Today’s prize sponsor is RubberStampMadness.   Don’t forget, you have until March 6th at 6pm Eastern to leave your comment on today’s blog post for a chance to win. One winner will be randomly chosen and announced on March 8th!!!


About Our Sponsor:

RubberStampMadness is a quarterly magazine. Each issue includes stories explaining helpful techniques and sharing tips for stampers and papercrafters. Artwork from readers on featured themes fill two special sections. Family owned and operated since 1980.

About Their Products:

About the Prize:

RubberStampMadness is generously offering one lucky winner a $100 gift certificate so you can pick the prize of your choice!

Spread the Love:

If you’d like to be entered for your chance to win this awesome prize please like, follow & subscribe to their Social Media and leave a comment on this post below before Friday, March 6th at 6pm Eastern. It’s that simple. The winners will be announced on Sunday, March 8th on the blog.

While we are waiting to see who the lucky winner is, you can hop on over to the RubberStampMadness facebook page. You’ll find TONS of inspiration there.

Please visit their website, RubberStampMadness  to learn more!

We love our International guests soo much, but due to the fact that we highlight small business’, physical prizes can only be shipped to the US. Digital prizes are for everyone!

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for National Stamp & Scrapbook month!! Check back daily for new sponsors and more chances to win!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for your chance to win.


398 thoughts on “National Stamp & Scrapbook Month- RubberStampMadness Giveaway

  1. Mary Beth West says:

    I have been a loyal reader of this magazine for years. It is a great way to connect with fellow stampers and to see some great samples.

  2. Helen S says:

    I always prefer a publication I can touch and read, rather than reading something online. Thanks RubberStampMadness for continuing to print !

  3. Deena Canup says:

    OMG I love RSM magazine. I have been reading since probably around 1998. It’s quirkiness fits right in with my own. And you know it’s good because well it’s still around and being published in actual print

    • Evelyn Becker says:

      I loves stamps and did not know about this magazine!! I am going to look into it more. Thank you for introducing me to new companies!!

  4. BARBARA CALI Johns says:

    I just got back into stamping. It was my first love, then I lost it but I got it back. Crafting is apparently my personal country song!

  5. SharaLea P Ming says:

    One of my favorite magazines, and oh so thankful it is still printing as so many have shuttered. I was thinking of subscribing as currently I run to the bookstore to get my copy each quarter!

  6. Leah Hills says:

    I have a dangerous addiction to crafts and wish that there was an expo closer to me so I could meet my fellow addicts!

  7. Vivian A says:

    I am just starting to dabble with rubber stamps so this prize would be amazing. Thank You for the chance to win!

  8. Nan says:

    Excited to go visit the Rubber Stamp Madness website AND subscribe to their magazine! Looks like they can provide all of us with a LOT of inspiration. Thank you for your generous certificate for one lucky winner. (hope it’s me!) 🙂

    • Dee-Dee Riggs says:

      I really appreciate the variety of art work in each issue, making it appealing if you are new to this field or have been doing it forever. I think RubberStampMadness fills a niche no one else does.

  9. Laura Sylvester says:

    The artwork is beautiful with the stamps. I need to get back into using stamps again. It’s been awhile. Thanks for getting my creative a boost one more.

  10. Linda Schade says:

    I just subscribed to RSM a few months ago and have received 2 issues so far. I love the inspiration contained within the pages. I even like the advertisements and links to online shopping! thanks!

  11. Joan Kappers says:

    I’m so new to Scrapbooking that I know nothing yet! But I’m so excited about learning everything I can!

  12. Shirley Younger says:

    I just love rubber stamps! You can never have enough stamps. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  13. CindyRa says:

    Your magazine highlights designers of all experiences. The ads are as good as the articles! Thank you for the giveaway.

  14. Betty Ann Dabrowski says:

    Love RubberStampMadness Mag. Sorry that Stamp and Scrapbook expo is no longer showing the greater Phila area anymore. Miss it.

  15. Anne Fine says:

    Thank you! Finally a resource to help me find more creative ways to use all those cute rubber stamps I’ve accumulated!

  16. Nina Walker says:

    My favorite magazine! Always running out to get it due to mail problems. Such quality of a magazine and projects within.

  17. Janice Zakis says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity. I have saved RSM, on the occasions I found them in the book store, for many years. Amazing how so many techniques and mixed media cards and projects are brought to light. Thanks!

  18. Angela Vu says:

    Just starting to dip my toe into rubber stamping.
    Been a scrapbooker for year but now learning about Stamping!
    Would love the adhisive prize or the Memory Keepers prize, but excited to become part of this community and learn new things!

  19. Janice Balansag says:

    I have to admit, im a bit new to the stamping world and never heard of this periodical. Can i buy them in the crafts stores? I’ve read all the comments, now i would like to go out and seek one. i’ve been looking for a place that i can find a pen pal…thank you for being there for all of us.

    • Angela says:

      Many stamping-related stores carry RSM, but Barnes & Noble is the only chain store. Go to our website: to order a sample copy (current issue) or a subscription. You can also call and talk to a real person (Pacific time). We do have a PenPal section in the magazine! We look forward to hearing from you, Janice. Also, if you email angela @ (no spaces) before Thursday you can still be one of the first 20 to get a FREE issue!

  20. Sharon Gullikson says:

    WOW, that is a generous prize! Thank you. The magazines are so inspirational. I love to see the scenes that amazing stampers make.

  21. Dorlene Durham says:

    Great prize. I’m going to have to check out the FB page. Free inspiration is awesome! Thanks

  22. Cathy O says:

    I like to have magazines that I can refer back to for ideas instead of watching videos. Thank you for offering this prize.

  23. Sarah J says:

    I love looking through a magazine so much more than browsing examples online. Maybe because I can continually go back to my favorites and I know right where they are in the mag. Great prize!!

  24. Joan Howaniec says:

    What an awesome prize. I’m fairly new to stamping and love the quality of rubber stamps. I’ll have to check out this publication.

    • Angela says:

      From one Angela to another (nice name…) – as you check us out you’ll realize that we do not sell rubber stamp images; rather we are a magazine about the art of stamping. You’ll find all sorts of images from hundreds of stamp companies in our pages. If you go to our website:, you can find the resource page with direct links to companies that advertise with us. In addition, we are giving away 20 free copies – email today for your chance to get in on that (angela @ – delete spaces)

  25. Barbara-Jean says:

    What a terrific prize! I’m a long time subscriber and appreciate all that Rubber stamp madness contributes to the world of stamping techniques and beauty,

  26. Su Gastelo says:

    Hi Pauline! I really enjoy going to the shows. I was unaware until this past November there was also a magazine. Lots of great stuff!!

  27. Jennifer Holevoet says:

    I am starting to get back into stamping and see a Rubber Stamp convention so close to home in a few months. Will definitely check it out!

  28. Karen Critcher says:

    Rubber Stamp Madness is a great tool to start my creativity juices flow. Thank you for the nice prize offering

  29. Lisa O'Neil says:

    Thank you so much for sponsoring such a awesome prize! I am new to stamping and will have to look for your magazine!!

  30. BECCA YAHRLING says:

    Such a generous prize! Thanks so much for the
    opportunity to win. I love stamping … and need
    a Misti! lol

  31. karenladd says:

    I remember reading Rubberstamp Madness several years ago and becoming intrigued with the unique and creative projects in the magazine . Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  32. Sandra Duval says:

    This is one thing I really like about the Expo. I hadn’t heard of this magazine before and now I am excited to check it out.

  33. Veronica L Hunt says:

    What a great way to learn more about your magazine. I had never heard of it and love to learn more…

  34. Laura Peddicord says:

    This is a great way to introduce your magazine to those of us who were not familiar with you. Even if I don’t win the $100, I’ve already won by learning about your company.

  35. Laura Phair says:

    Love the stamps. I didn’t know about the magazine. Great prize. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  36. Sharon says:

    I regularly collected and enjoyed RubberStampMadness issues years ago, but haven’t been able to find them anymore. I miss the inspiration and excitement from new issues. All my old ones are on the shelf in my room!

  37. Michele Baird says:

    Oh a magazine. Kids today have no idea how wonderful it is to actually hold onto paper and turn pages to read!

  38. SHartl says:

    I hadn’t even know about this magazine until now but the peeks I’m getting are amazing! Thanks for introducing me to so many new companies and for the chance to win.

  39. Dallas L Efimov says:

    Very generous prize!! I haven’t been a huge stamper these days, but would love the opportunity to get back in to stamping! Thank you!

  40. Heather Mills says:

    It’s always awesome to get some stamping inspiration, but it’s been a looooooong time since I’ve gotten a magazine!

  41. Sandra L. says:

    Love this magazine. I used to have a subscription for years but sadly due to finances I had to make the hard choice to discontinue it. I would love to have this magazine waiting for me in the mailbox again. I love real print articles that I have in my hand and can save for years. Thank you.

  42. Mary Holshouser says:

    Amazing prize. thanks for the offer.
    The magazine is great. Lots of

  43. Pricilla Snyder says:

    Great Prize. Love magazines and being able to see what is happening in the stamping world. Thanks for the chance to win.

  44. Jennel Dohrn says:

    Thank you so much for this awesome give away. This magazine is wonderfully informative on whats out there and I love it. 😊👍

  45. Kim Knowles says:

    I have bought several issues of their magazine over the years. They always have very unique ideas that I can use in my cardmaking. What a wonderful prize – thank you!!

  46. Jodi C says:

    I love rubber stamping, especially scenic and watercolor stamping. This magazine looks like it’s right up my alley! Off to check out their website! 🙂

  47. Sharon E. says:

    RubberStampMadness was my original stamping inspiration back in the late 1980’s. Still have years of old magazines. A Gift Certificate to choose anything I want would be such fun!

  48. Sheri says:

    This is a fabulous magazine. I’ve been collecting copies for about 20 years and always refer back to them when I need some creative inspiration or a unique idea.

  49. Claudia Hurd says:

    I would love to win this! I was able to purchase a used issue years ago and it was wonderful! You have a great magazine!

  50. Odette Shipsky says:

    Been a loyal subscriber for so long, even when there was a different format ! Have always loved. A trail blazer in stamping mags.

  51. Sue Walls says:

    Would love the opportunity to win this magazine and gift certificate. I love learning new techniques and seeing new products.

  52. Sharon O says:

    I read many magazines but once I found Rubber Stamp Madness magazine, which I read cover to cover several times, I stopped most of my other subscriptions! Especially love the stories with wonderful ideas and inspiration.

  53. Mary Jo says:

    WOW, the stamps shown are amazing… so different. I will for sure stop by the booth in Orlando this year.

  54. Julia Conover says:

    This was one of the first stamps I used many many many years ago still love them and I subscribed to the magazine at one time

  55. Susan Hoorn says:

    I have never read this magazine but looks interesting! I am always looking for ways to improve my stamping!

  56. Brenda Olvera says:

    Thank You RubberStampMadness for the opportunity to the $100 gift certificate to purchase your products.

  57. Brenda Olvera says:

    Thank You RubberStampMadness for the opportunity to Win the $100 gift certificate to purchase your products.

  58. Paula says:

    Rubber Stamp Madness is one of my favorite craft magazines. There are always such unique ideas inside! Thanks for the chance to win!

  59. Sandi D. says:

    I have never read your magazine before and would love to have a chance to check it out, mostly all my inspiration comes from magazines. Thank you for a chance to win this awesome prize RubberStampMadness!!!

  60. Lynn says:

    Great content to see what other stampers are doing & to give your creativity a boost!
    Generous prize. See you in Orlando !!

  61. Patricia Miller says:

    Nothing better at end of day but to have a AWSOME magazine to go through! Best selection of stamps too!

  62. Michelle Christ says:

    I have never heard of Rubber Stamp Madness but excited to learn about them and do some exploring! Thank you Scrapbook Expo for bringing companies to light that some have never heard of or experienced before!

  63. June Swart says:

    I love Rubber Stamp Madness and always have their magazine nearby for inspiration! Looking forward to June when The Expo comes to our town!!!

  64. MarySmiles says:

    Dear Pauline, What a generous offer from Rubber Stamp Madness… Would love an opportunity to win this $100 gift certificate!

  65. stampnk says:

    This looks like a very intriguing magazine, with a lot of inspiration and projects. Thank you for the chance to win a subscription and gift certificate!

  66. Erica Valencia says:

    Would love to win this gift certificate to start building my stamp collection. Thank you for this opportunity.

  67. Brenda F-O says:

    Love RSM! I have ancient issues that are FAT with ideas and samples. Mahalo for an amazing and generous prize.

  68. says:

    I started scrapooking in 2000 and said I would NEVER make cards. I was not going to invest in stamps and inks. Oh, but I did and I love it. Your stamps are beautiful. I would love to win this prize

  69. Kelly Sas says:

    Thank you for the very generous give away! I haven’t heard of this magazine before but will be checking it out. Always nice to have a magazine to refer to for inspiration.

  70. Megan S says:

    I’ve been wanting to check out this magazine for a while. Love the chance to win a gift certificate! Thanks for all the awesome prizes being offered this month!

  71. Barbara w. says:

    This looks like an incredible prize. I am not familiar with your company but I love stamping, so I think I need to find out more about you.

  72. Janice Carl says:

    I needed some inspiration just the other day and pulled a past issue off my shelf, this would be a great prize to win.

  73. Lynda Woerner says:

    I was a loyal reader of RSM back in the 1990’s when I started with rubber stamping. I stopped stamping, and am just starting to stamp again. Glad to see RSM is still providing inspiration today. 40 years – wow!

  74. Juile says:

    I am new to this vendor, and curious. I would love to try a little more stamping. Hope to win the opportunity to venture more. 🙂

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