National Stamp & Scrapbook Month- Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Giveaway

NSSM National Stamp & Scrapbook Month 2020


Hello everyone! It’s Pauline and I’m back for another fun National Stamp & Scrapbook Month giveaway!  Are you guys having as much fun with National Stamp & Scrapbook Month as I am? Today’s prize sponsor is Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L. Don’t forget, you have until March sixth at 6pm Eastern to leave your comment on today’s blog post for a chance to win! One winner will be randomly chosen and announced on March eighth!!!


About Our Sponsor:

Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L‘s reliable and easy to use adhesives are perfect for not only scrapbooking, but also card making, mixed media, home décor, DIY, and more!


About Their Products:

As paper crafters, we all know how important a good adhesive is. From strong permanent adhesives for archival use, 3D foam for dimension, and repositionable adhesives for multiple uses, they cover it all. Find their products at your favorite retailers and follow Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L on Instagram!

Click on the pictures below for inspirational tutorials for these fun projects!



About the Prize:

The prize is a $100 value package; it includes the newly released E-Z runner grand permanent dots refillable dispenser and 3D foam strips. The trendy metallic transfer foils in two color groupings are added, along with 3D foam creative sheets in two sizes to die cut with. Fan favorites like the E-Z runner petite, adhesive dots and lines, and the 3D foam circles are not to be missed!


Spread the Love:

If you’d like to be entered for a chance to win this awesome prize, please like, follow, subscribe to their social media and leave a comment on this post below before Friday, March sixth at 6:00 pm Eastern. It’s that simple. The winners will be announced on Sunday, March eighth on the blog!

While we are waiting to see who the lucky winner is, you can hop on over to Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L social media channels. You’ll find TONS of inspiration there!

Please visit their website, Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L to learn more, and sign up for their newsletter to find out when they will be visiting your area!

We love our international guests soo much, but due to the fact that we highlight small businesses, physical prizes can only be shipped to the US. Digital prizes are for everyone!

Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online!

Thanks for stopping by for National Stamp & Scrapbook month!! Check back daily for new sponsors and more chances to win!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for your chance to win!



768 thoughts on “National Stamp & Scrapbook Month- Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Giveaway

  1. peggy s salyer says:

    Great adhesive is the most important part of making cards. This is a perfect set to show off ALL the types of products that a crafter needs.

  2. Silvia BV says:

    Although I haven’t had a chance to attend due to my work schedule I receive such crafty inspiration from the blogs. Keep up the great work. Keep being inspired.

  3. Dallas L Efimov says:

    Hi! Love your products! One can never have enough adhesive for crafting projects! I am running low and need to order – so hoping I can win!! Thank you!!

  4. Lisa O'Neil says:

    I absolutely love these products. They best on the market. There is no such thing as too much adhesives!! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  5. kimgyu says:

    Oh my, what girl doesn’t need a tone of adhesive! This is a wonderful prize package. Scrapbook Adhesive is the best in the industry!

  6. Kimberly McField says:

    What an awesome prize! You can never have too many adhesives, foam, foil or glue, and the Scrapbook Adhesives products are fantastic.

    • Marianne B in AZ says:

      I would love the chance to try the new EZ Runner Grand. It looks like it is comfortable to hold and we know the adhesive in it is great!

  7. Barry L Snarr says:

    I cannot even think about making my cards without the 3D foam strips! They give my projects that extra “Pop”. Love me some Scrapbook Adhesive!

  8. Heather Mills says:

    One can NEVER have too many different kinds of adhesive!! It’s the one thing (other than card stock) that I use every time I make a card! Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Tracy L says:

    Scrapbook Adhesives are so E-Z to use. Their products are great for all types of paper craft projects. This is a great prize package for anyone to win !

  10. Sharon Gullikson says:

    Good adhesive is SO IMPORTANT. We spend a fortune on paper and other goodies, but if it doesn’t all stick together, it’s a waste. THANKS>

  11. Teressa Corson says:

    This is a fantastic prize! Thank you! I go through many of the foam squares to pop up elements on my scrapbook pages. And, I use many different adhesives for many different uses. Just like paper, you can’t have too much adhesive!

  12. Sandra L. says:

    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway. I have used their products for decades as well as other family members and we love them. Never disappointed!

    • Liz says:

      love, love, love the Easy Runner Grand! Couldn’t create without it! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win this WONDERFUL package of your great products!

  13. Tiff Higgins says:

    These would be the perfect addition to add in my Expo bag! Adhesive is what keeps it together during that weekend 🥳

  14. Sherri Y. says:

    Great prize! I have always wanted to try the adhesive gun. I use the foam pop ups all the time making cards. Having the foam sheet to cut out a larger object was be a great option too.

  15. Mary Holshouser says:

    If I didn’t have a super adhesive, my greeting
    cards would never make it to the recipient
    in one piece. Therefore, 3L is always my
    go-to adhesive. thanks.

  16. Kathi Hernandez says:

    Thanks for all the great inspiration!! I have used your adhesive for a while and love it. It’s my preferred go to adhesive!

  17. Linda says:

    Love…Love…Love…the adhesives would help since I just started back up scrapbooking to go with my genealogy research…and the inspirations that are shown has given me many ideas..thank you

    • Celeste Herrin says:

      Adhesive is the one thing I struggle to keep on hand and have the right kind for different projects. Following on all social media and subscribed.

  18. Terri Rathmanner says:

    I have, quite literally, tried every single brand of adhesive on the market (formerly and now). This is BY FAR the best adhesive brand out there and my go-to! Thank you for helping me safely document the most important memories!

  19. Connie Willlems says:

    So love this package of gifts , adhesives!!! These are awesome- great products, thank you for the opportunity, so excited ❤️

  20. Tracey M says:

    What an awesome prize!! I seem to never have enough Scrapbook adhesives. Some days I wonder if I have taped everything to something because I have had to open so many new packages. I can say these are the best and never fall off in ur albums or cards.

  21. Janet says:

    I needs new Grand Runner, my current brand not working for me anymore! Thanks for the chance to win a prize worth sticking around for😁

  22. Cylinthia Johnson says:

    What an awesome prize pack! 3L is my “go to” favorite adhesive! I would love to enjoy this on my crop weekend scrapbooking projects! Loyal customer for years!

  23. Denise Bryant says:

    Love all of the adhesive products I have tried from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L! Great variety available. I’d love to try out more of them!

  24. Jan Carros says:

    Adhesive is something we scrapbookers are serious about! Gotta have it in all shapes, sizes and configurations and you can’t run out!!! Thank you for an opportunity to win some!

  25. Dorina D says:

    Love that Gnome card and not much works better than 3L. Can’t find them very often at the stores in my area. But that’s what I purchase. Love them

  26. Estella Gatewood says:

    Wow! What a package! I love your products and can never have enough. I’m still pining over the large tape dispenser. *Wink wink*

  27. Karen S-H says:

    Stuck on winning this prize! 3L adhesives are a go to for superior hold when scrapbooking! Would be an honor to win this prize package!

  28. Charlene Taylor says:

    This is the best adhesive! My kids just dropped my large runner, so I’d love to win a new one not held together with washi tape!!

  29. Jamie Unsworth says:

    Love everything here! So much to do so many layouts with! Great adhesive products make all the difference in creating scrapbook pages and cards..there’s nothing worse than your embellishments falling off the page and getting stuck somewhere else or missing completely!

  30. Connie says:

    A girl can never have too much adhesive. I have been wanting to try the EZ Runner. Thank you for offering these products.

  31. Terri Clark says:

    I love these adhesives by 3L! I just ran out at a retreat last weekend and ordered more. What a super generous giveaway! Thank you!!!

  32. Susan Klein says:

    Adhesives can make or break a good card! I recently used the wrong adhesive on 28 valentine cards, and before I could get them in the envelopes, the decorations I’d glued onto the shiny cardstock were coming off! I had to re-do all of them. This company makes great adhesives, and I wish I’d have been using them to avoid my mishap.

  33. Kathleen MacDonald says:

    Love these products! Nothing worse than having all your hard work come apart — a tried & true adhesive is a “must have”

  34. HELENE M says:

    I’ve never used this brand before.. would love to win this fantastic prize so I can try it out. Thanks for the chance!

  35. Carol Douglass says:

    Oh my, a bunch of adhesive is a crafters dream come true. It is one of the consumables that I would be lost without. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  36. laura says:

    man would i love these adhesives. i run out of adhesives more than anything else and i spend more on them because i run out. i see that there are some i have never heard of before and would like to learn how to use them. And i have found a new site to explore. Thank you for the chance to win some adhesives.

  37. Christine Paige says:

    I love this brand ! I recently purchased the large runner and I’m so happy I did. Who can’t use all those different adhesives? Thanks for a chance to win them!

  38. Michelle Lee says:

    I have taken over the dining room table and have been scrapbooking like crazy. Would absolutely love to win this prize pack. It would immediately used.

  39. Lori Kay says:

    Adhesives are a much needed item for scrapbooking and card making. Can never have enough! This bundle would help me greatly and save money! 💳💵✂️📔📸

  40. Marcia Fellner says:

    Great quality products. As a card maker, adhesives are a staple in my craft room. I would love to add this assortment of Scrapbook adhesives to my stash. Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  41. Jaimi Bailey says:

    Scrapbook Adhesives is a tried and true favorite. I always visit their booth at The Expo to stock up 😃 and their workshops are so helpful and informative.

  42. gina says:

    Nothing is anything without the glue to hold it all together!
    And there’s nothing like a good adhesive to hold it all together!

  43. Karen Skillender says:

    Scrapbook Adhesive products are the best! I have been using Their products for many years in making scrapbooks and cards. Would love to win this prize!

  44. Connie Pena says:

    This is a absolutely my favorite go to adhesive line love the large tape runner and foam squares. This would we an awesome win for anyone.😊

  45. Megan D. Eagan says:

    I can’t imagine a single scrapbooker or card maker that doesn’t have at least some; if not a pile of Scrapbook Adhesives products! A wonderful group of products that are always improving and changing to make our creations better!

  46. Lynn says:

    Always a needed supply. The right adhesive for the right job means a successful end product that will allow for enjoyment for the recipient

  47. Mary Beth West says:

    I have been using these products since the dawn of scrapbooking. Their Facebook page has such a wonderful variety of styles in the samples. Pick me!

  48. Amanda C. says:

    I don’t think I’ve used any of these products, but I’d love to try them! This prize package would be a great way to explore the product line before I spend a small fortune. Thanks for a chance to win!

  49. Arlene Faber says:

    I am always on the hunt for adhesives. Right now I need Glue Dots. I have been wanting a tape runner as the little ones fun out too fast. Great prize!

  50. Renee Bennett says:

    Love these products. I use the adhesive runners when making cards. They make it so easy to put a card together fast.

  51. Sue Doughty says:

    Thank you for the great Scrapbook Adhesives prize. I really like use these products, especially the 3D foam Squares. March is my birthday month so this would be a nice present.

  52. Willie Crawford says:

    I enjoy using all sizes of adhesives. My two favorites are the cartridges and the tape rolls. It’s so easy to run out of tape so I always try to keep enough handy to have for my projects.

  53. Sheri says:

    Great adhesives. When spending creative energy and time to produce a special piece, everything needs to stay in place and be archival safe to enjoy for years to come.

  54. Deb D says:

    Oh my gosh there are a ton of entries on this one-and it’s no wonder why with the quality of the products and “never ending” need of tape runners and pop ups and some products to try for the first time (for me anyways).

  55. NiecyG (Ontario) says:

    One can never have too many adhesives and this prize pack has all the essentials! A true crafter’s dream prize pack.

    • Jaya More says:

      Woowww! What an amazing product… Would love to use this iny every crafting project… Bcoz crafting is incomplete without Glue… 🤗😇😍

  56. Adrienne S says:

    Im using up all the adhesive I have in my stock and will need to purchase more. I will be replacing with 3L brand so this would be a blessing!!

  57. Nina Walker says:

    3L is some of the best. I have tried many over the years that just don’t compare. For final perfect projects, this is my favorite! It has weathered time.

  58. Linda says:

    From the number of comments I see on this post, I can tell this is a much coveted prize. You can never have to much adhesive and I’d love to win this give-away!!!! Thanks for the opportunity.