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Give Thanks Card

The layout on this card is what attracted me to this card. Narelle Farrugia is the designer of this card created with products from Stampin’ Up. I enjoy the colors and layers on this design.  And the bow is beautiful. Thank you Narelle, for sharing your design with us!  


Keep Fighting

  Hello Friends, I discovered this beautiful card on The Verve Stamps Blog. When this card posted, the theme was Sending Some Sunshine. The challenge was to make an uplifting & cheerful card and actually send it to someone! I share designer Laurie Schmidlin’s, love of all that is vintage, so the warm color scheme combined with the encouraging sentiment was […]

Baroque Motif

  I love the Baroque Motifs Stamp Set by Stampin’ Up. It’s a great one as a stand alone, or as a background image. I know its hard, but sometimes we need to separate the needs versus the wants when adding to our arsenal of crafting supplies. I think this stamp set falls into the need category, it’s so versatile, therefore can be […]

Paper Pieced Girl with Heart Card

  Do you ever see a project and think, I would love to make that, but . . . Well, when I saw this card, made by Lin Brandyberry on her blog for The Craft’s Meow, and I thought, “I’d love to make that, but I don’t have the patience to do all that fussy […]

Then Comes Baby

  I’m so excited to share  Lisa Pace’s line of Antiquated Stamps from Pink Persimmon! The Antiquated Collection is a tribute to the era of ascots, parasols, fancy hats, patent leather shoes and all things charming and endearing.  This stamp is all of that and more!   The detail of this stamp is wonderful. Stamp the […]

You Are So Sweet

  Do you love Shabby Chic?   It is one of my favorite looks!  This Shabby Chic card really caught my eye.  I love the colors and design of this stamped card.  Of course distressing and inking just completes the  Shabby Chic look.  Adding so many embellishments really added to the fun and beauty of […]

Stamping on Book Print

Does this colorful design catch your eye on this Book Print?   I love to use paper from sheet music, or an old book when I’m making cards or scrapbooking.  I enjoy using different techniques that help me become more creative when I am doing projects.  This was something that I found on Pinterest.  I […]