Money Bunny Bank

How cute would this be for a teen age girl. My daughter is a teenager and I know she is expecting an Easter Basket. Why not put the cash in this adorable Bunny Bank and start a little savings for when she needs that next big item. 🙂 Teenagers love cash…

Melinda Spinks is the creator of this cute project.  You can find more from her on her blog The Scrap Farm.  Also, there is more information on this project on the Doodlebug Design blog.

Decoupage Money Box Rabbit Tutorial

Now let me just start by saying, this little guy is covered in the entire 6×6 Flower Box paper pad from Doodlebug Design plus a couple of 12 x 12 sheets for good measure. I began with a production line of punched flowers.

This project is definitely not for someone who doesn’t like to get ‘messy’. I applied each punched flower using Mod Podge and a paint brush, however some of the curved surfaces like the ears, face and feet required a more hands-on approach to get the paper into every nook and cranny.

Once you have finished a section then completely cover it in Mod Podge with a wide flat brush to seal all the pieces.

What money bunny is complete without the coin slot. I simply used my craft blade to cut a small rectangular slot into the head of the bunny. I promise he didn’t feel a thing.

Lastly create a  tag to hang around his neck and finished off with a pretty yellow bow.

My hope is to inspire you to be fearless when it comes to your creativity, to explore new things and most important to have fun.

Thanks for visiting & have a very creative day!



Flower Box Collection from Doodlebug


Mod Podge from Plaid

Product Used (Not Shown):

  • Kraft Knife
  • Gingham Ribbon

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