Card Swappin’ With Dave in Akron and Denver

I know that all of you are very excited to start using all of those new stamps and card making supplies that you received for holiday gifts!  It will be great to see all of your new card creations in the coming year at the shows.  If you have participated in the card swap this year, thank you for your gifts of inspiration and sharing your ideas with other card makers.  You never know how your sharing ideas and inspiration has touched someone else.

Our card swap in Akron, OH brought us this awesome card creation from Wendy F. This card features so many elements from embossing and stamping, to bling, metal embellishments, and much more.  I like how it shows whimsey and elegance all at the same time.  Each time you look at this card, it tells a different story and reminds me that there is a lot of value in looking at life from another person’s perspective.

Another great card that came from the Buckeye State is this card from Evelyn Florinchi.  It celebrates a birthday and showcases a cute technique using some washi tape.  Behind the punched candles at the bottom of the card is some washi tape to give the look of the candles.  The candles were punched out and the tape was attached to paper behind them.  I love the little chicken stamp as well. This added some extra fun to this special card.


Who in the room could not use a great cup of coffee right now?  Well, here is a cup full of more than just coffee.  How fun is this? And it comes in pieces so you can place a special note or gift card in it.  This is a cup of coffee that is worth more than any cup you can buy anywhere.  Thanks to Katy Thomas for starting out a special someone’s day with this “good to the last drop” of coffee card fun!


Take a look at the four (yes, that’s right, four) winning cards from the Saturday Card Swap in Denver this past year!

This card from Donna Nuce brings back memories of making special wishes with dandelions.  Cards like these are so powerful.  The beautiful gold color highlights this card with a ribbon fringe at the bottom, making this card complete and full of good wishes.

Patsy Kral created a vintage look for her card.  The gold mirror at the bottom with the blue gem is something the girl on the card would have seen looking into the mirror.  This card was certainly created with that precious person in mind.

This full of fun card for friends was created by Donna Truitt.  The printed cardstock is covered with mesh so you can sneak a glimpse of the paper.  Paper butterflies and musical note-filled flowers add a lot of fun to this friendship card.  This card is ready for a true friend of yours to enjoy and cherish.

This special Hello card is from Cassandra Williams.  Just take a look at all of the different ways the birdcages appear to have their own way for the birds to fly free to deliver that special message of “hello.”  The beautiful green layered flower, along with the added bling of sequins, will make that person who just needed a hello feel special.

As this year comes to a close, its time to keep making, giving, and sending your handmade and “from the heart cards.”  Make part of your New Year’s resolution for 2018 to share and show someone that you care with your handmade, heartfelt card!

See all of you in 2018!!

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  1. Deena M Canup says:

    Merry Christmas! Had the pleasure of attending my first cardswap in Duluth this year. It was a lot of fun to see everyone’s card ideas. I learned some new techniques too! See you in 2018!

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