24 Days of Christmas – Day Five with Paper Wizard

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Hello and welcome back fellow crafters!! Sean here to share with you our fifth day of the 24 Days of Christmas countdown!! I’m soo excited to be doing this with you, hopefully it’ll get you into the Christmas spirit!! It certainly has for me!! Our fifth day of 24 Days of Christmas is Sponsored by Paper Wizard!!!



About our Sponsor

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Drawing and creating their art together has not always been easy and is definitely a labor of love. Eric & Bonnie have always been committed to high quality, excellence and keeping their product proudly made in the USA. With determination and single-mindedness, they have sought out the best and finest papers and suppliers and have learned to work together to create the best possible products for their customers. From the custom school programs they created in the early 2000’s to the monthly subscription PKC kits they produce now, you always get their best work. When you purchase a Paper Wizard product, you are not only purchasing a small work of art, but you are also helping to support about 25 families here in the USA!

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About the Prize

Paper Wizard will be sending one very lucky winner this AWESOME Paper Wizard Christmas Mega Prize Pack!! Isn’t it SUPER cute!!

Want to win it??? Leave a comment below and tell me what your most favorite Christmas memory is!! When I was little kid we would decorate the tree, then every night up until Christmas Eve I would come out of my bedroom while everyone was asleep and take all the ornaments down and sleep under the tree! Then we’d have to decorate it ALL over again! Drove my mom NUTS!!! I still to this day have no clue why I did it!! Lol

Make sure you leave your comment before 2pm Eastern tomorrow! The winner will be announced on the very next post!!




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Winner of 24 Days of Christmas posts will have 2 weeks to email back to claim their prize.


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Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for 24 Days of Christmas!!

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to tell me what your most favorite Christmas memory is before tomorrow at 2pm Eastern!!

I’ll be back tomorrow to announce the winner AND I’ll have another awesome prize up for grabs. Merry Christmas!!

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252 thoughts on “24 Days of Christmas – Day Five with Paper Wizard

  1. Bonnie Shaul says:

    I have paper wizard products & their great, when I go to an expo that the 1st booth my friend & I go to.

  2. Katy Christensen says:

    Omg! All of these are on my wishlist! Would absolutely love to win! As far as Christmas memories and traditions, we didn’t really have any. It was just me and my mom, and we didn’t have any money. But, she always let me bake cookies. No matter how many, she let me go to town on them, and never said no. Since I was home alone after school, this was some pretty awesome time that I was able to be creative and make mistakes and learn from them.

  3. Gayle M. says:

    My favorite memory is when our kids were little, they would wake us up early Christmas morning, to see what Santa had brought, their excitement was contagious, then spending the day together.

    • Linda McDonald says:

      My favorite memory is “Santa” decorating our tree on Christmas eve. My dad and granddad would bring the tree in and we would go to bed to wake up and see our beautiful tree.
      PKC is AWESOME!!!!

  4. Sondra M says:

    When we first had Christmas at our house growing up, we used a large plastic light up snowman for our “tree” and that is one of my favorite memories.

    • Nicole says:

      My favorite Christmas memory as a child was going to the local tree farm with my family and picking out a real Christmas tree and dragging it home to decorate it. We did this for several years, that is, until we realized the reason I had such terrible allergies only at Christmas time was that I was allergic to the tree! Now, I still love to decorate the tree with my kids. Our tree, of course is artificial, but the magic of the season is still very real! Thank you very much for this opportunity!

    • Carol McClure says:

      Great prize. One memory was my cousin brought over his horse and gave everyone in the neighborhood rides. It was great, us city kids loved it.

  5. Mary Beth West says:

    When I was a kid, up to about age 20, my mom stuffed a big stocking with more gifts and treasures that could possibly fit into one stocking. It was a big adventure to get to the bottom, opening beautifully wrapped gifts along the way. BTW, this prize would be great for my next round of Christmas scrapping’!

  6. Sue Raffin says:

    We loved going to “help” my grandmother bake. We would each have our own jobs to do. We loved decorating the butter cookies!

  7. Patricia Podlas says:

    I remember flying to visit my grandparents and seeing a whole street near them lit with Christmas lights from the plane and her silver Christmas tree

  8. Kristin Jones says:

    Ice skating in a frozen baseball field while visiting my grandma in Wisconsin.
    Love, love, LOVE this prize.

  9. Lisa Morgan says:

    Too many wonderful moments to pick just one. However, I love surprising my kids. One year I snuck out and came back with a pony, rang the doorbell and waited for my daughter to open the door. The surprised look on her face and the joy was priceless!

  10. Joan Howaniec says:

    One year at Christmas I woke up early, it was still dark out. I opened my presents and put them back disappointed by the clothes and lame toys. Then I crawled back to bed and slept until my siblings woke me. They opened their presents and were happy. I was moping until my brother found another present under the tree, a rather large box with my name on it. How did I miss it? That turned out to be one of my favorite gifts of all time. I played with that drawing set for years!

  11. Birdie says:

    I’m favorite Memory of christmas is having all the family together about 30 of us. Eating what all my family brought

    • Nanci D says:

      On Christmas eve, all of my aunts, uncles and cousins would go to my grandfather’s house in the city for a Christmas party. We would stay very late into the evening. My favorite memory is driving home in the snow listening to Christmas songs on the radio and trying to stay awake to see if we could catch Santa out delivering presents.

  12. Christina Baltzell says:

    What a great prize package! Paper Wizard is the best in quality, content, and customer service.

  13. Judy R says:

    My very favorite memory was not from my youth, but as a 50-yr-old when I received my first Christmas puppy. The joy is real.

  14. Lynn B says:

    My favorite Christmas memory growing up with 3 sisters and 2 brothers, was buying or creating a gift for each of them every year, along with gifts for my mom and dad. Thanks Paper Wizard for the opportunity to win such a great prize.

    • Dawn says:

      My favorite memories is decorating the tree with all the ornaments picked out every year while watching it’s a wonderful Life.

  15. Eunice says:

    Lol. Love your memory! My favorite memory is when one year we didn’t have time for our annual tradition of giving out cookies and a family friend’s young son wondered where his cookies were.

  16. Barbara-Jean says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is Christmas Eve, going to my Dad’s aunt’s house, the Polish supper and Christmas wafer, followed by my cousin’s wonderful chocolate birthday cake! And that prizepack looks super!

  17. Sandi B. says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories was the year that I got a money tree. My husband worked for a florist and they made a money tree. They folded up bills in several denominations and attached them to the branches. It was fun seeing how many and how much they were. BTW, love Paper Wizard.

  18. Sammie B. says:

    Every year, my Grandpa would give us a huge bag of “old fashioned” candy. My favorite was the vanilla creme drops.
    I’d love to win this cute prize pack to scrap all the new memories my family is making!

  19. Wendy Little says:

    When I was little, on Christmas morning we had to get all the chores done (we lived on a dairy farm so this included cows milked and the animals fed) and breakfast had to be fixed, eaten and the dishes done before we could open our Christmas presents. I will tell you that was one day that everything was completed in record time.

    • Dorothy Fricks says:

      My favorite memory is my sister and I finding my parents gift, carefully opening it and then put it back so they wouldn’t know we peeked.

  20. Tanya says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is celebrating the holiday in March when my son returned from working in Afghanistan!

  21. Tricia M. says:

    Favorite memory is my uncle dressing up as Santa and stopping by our house on Christmas eve. I would argue with my sister that it was the real Santa and she always said it wasn’t because she could smell the cigar smoke on my uncle, LOL.

  22. Shirley Buentello Younger says:

    My most favorite Christmas memories are of dancing to Christmas songs at my sisters house. All of our family would be there it was awesome.. I miss my sister so much. Thank you for the chance to win this most awesome prize.

  23. Loretta Lindsey says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is attending Trace Adkins Opryland Christmas program in Nashville Tennessee on Christmas Day. This is a favorite of ours, love seeing Trace almost as much as I love using Paper Wizard to scrapbook the memories! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  24. Christa Stokes says:

    My mother sews and can make anything. My favorite memory is the year that I was about 7 years old and she made a doll that was the same size I was. I named her Lisa and took her everywhere with me.

  25. Debi Sell says:

    Would be amazing to win this! They are always my first stop at the expo! I don’t have a specific memory for the holidays. I just enjoy spending time with family.

  26. Valerie Zangle says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was watching and listening to my son look for his elf each morning during the month of December. He would get a kick out of some of the naughty things his elf would do during the night.

  27. Mary Holshouser says:

    the year my husband surprised me with a new sewing
    machine. I made all of our clothes (this was in the
    last ’50s, early ’60s) so it was in fashion to do that.
    this one had lots of stitches. The old one only did
    straight lines. Fantastic surprise. It’s still in service.
    thanks for asking. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  28. Kathleen Keller says:

    When I was going up all of us would go out looking at Christmas lights. I love Paper Wizard products !!!!

  29. Janet Rivera says:

    My favorite memory is decorating the tree while listening to Christmas records. My parents celebrate 3 kings day in January and not Christmas so we had a learning curve to overcome as kids.

    • Tammy Johnson-Janow says:

      My favorite Christmas memory was watching my grandfather when he’d open the crazy gifts I got him. He always got such a kick out of them.

  30. Jan Carros says:

    My most favorite Christmas memories are of Christmas morning. Either as a child or an adult with my siblings and parents, or when my own were littles.

    • Deana Reich says:

      When I was about 6, I remember going outside of our house on Christmas morning. And I “thought” I saw reindeer hoof prints going around the house. I was so excited. I went inside & told my parents what I saw.

  31. Marie B says:

    My favorite memory is leaving cookies and milk for Santa — and then, when we did that for my younger brother, being able to eat the cookies and drink the milk after he had gone to bed!

  32. Joannie P says:

    My favorite Christmas memory of my childhood is when we would put up our tree on my twin sister and my birthday!! It made the day extra special!!

  33. Amy K says:

    My favorite memories are with my family on Christmas morning eating freshly baked cinnamon rolls and unwrapping our presents! Spending time together as a family!

  34. Paula S says:

    Christmas Eve is most important in our family since there are 2 members who have birthdays on that day. So Christmas Eve is where we have our fondest memories.

  35. Juliefi says:

    I love baking cookies with my sisters, daughters and nieces!! I love Paper Wizard products. Hope I win!!!

  36. Kimberly Wilson says:

    I always had Night Before Christmas read to me and now we have continued the tradition with my kids. I met Paper Wizard at Orlando expo many moons ago and they were the first layered embellishments I ever bought. Preschool-High school collection..

  37. Retha Craig says:

    My favorite memory is watching my children’s excitement on Christmas morning while opening their gifts

  38. Bernice Pierre says:

    My most favorite Christmas memory is spending time with the entire family creating memories and eating great food!

  39. Beth D. says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is of my kiddos putting out cookies & milk for Santa along with a sweet note telling him how they hope he gets back home safe & sound.

  40. Meghan Kennihan says:

    FUN! My fav Christmas memory is when my dad bought us puppets from ITALY and created a stage with curtains to reveal them to us!

    • Jennifer Arcuri says:

      As a kid, after my sister and I finished opening our Santa presents, we would call our best friends and compare what we got and would make plans to play with the treasures we received. We were always so happy for each other. Paper Wizard rocks!

  41. Daniela Ruffo says:

    My favorite memories growing up was baking cookies with my Mom for a big family gathering on Christmas Day.

  42. Liz says:

    Favorite memory is going Christmas shopping with my dad (gave mom a break). We always stopped at the local candy shop (mind you this is early 60’s) and got a treat after shopping. Love, Love, Love Paper Wizard products! The Christmas ones are just adorable!

  43. Susan Ott says:

    Love Paper Wizard so much! My favorite Christmas memory was being able to open one gift on Christmas Eve. I think my mom led us toward the package with pajamas in it each year! Then we’d want to open another and another.

  44. Bonnie Freckman says:

    We put an angel rattle near the top of the tree. It was on MY first Christmas tree when I was 6 months old, I’m now 64 and it still goes on the tree every year ?

  45. Melissa Violandi says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was the year my father woke up before me and pretended he was Santa and I caught him putting the gifts around the tree. For years I had no idea it was my father!

  46. Kim says:

    My son (stationed in S. Korea) came home & surprised my Mom… BEST ONE EVER!! I honestly can’t believe I kept the secret! Nothing will top that… Mom is in heaven now – but the memory will be with us forever.

  47. Bobbi Staver says:

    We would all go look at lights on Christmas Eve. A half an hour into the ride, mom got a terrible headache and had to go home. She insisted we go back with dad. About an hour later we came home and Santa had come. Mom never heard him!

  48. Karen Page says:

    When I was real little we lived in a house that had a huge mirror almost the full length of the wall, maybe 8′ by 4′. My dad would paint a Christmas scene or image on the mirror that he copied from a coloring book. Every year would be a different painting. He also created wood cut outs of Santa, reindeer and snowmen. Each year he added to the collection and I’d get to help pick the design from the coloring book. I don’t know why we stopped putting them out, must have gotten damaged when we moved. It always surprised me how artistic my dad was, especially since he did no other art the rest of the year!

  49. DONNA Bridges says:

    I have many memories of Christmas, but watching our girls run to the living room to see what Santa had left them is some of my favorite ones.

  50. Sandra Haines says:

    I love everyone’s stories so cute! I remember one year my mom forgot to get anything for our stockings and at the last minute she found some whole walnuts and some tangerines and threw them in our stockings. We were so excited to have our own tangerines even though they had been in the refrigerator all week!

  51. Andrea feank says:

    I’m with Steph Rodgers. Pls send help. Lol. If u can’t just send me a prize. Trust me. I deserve it. Hahaha.

  52. Janet Mack says:

    One year our very young grandson was with us for Christmas and he left out milk and cookies for Santa. Well “Santa” ate the cookies and drank the milk, in the morning Jamie was more thrilled with that then his toys.

  53. Kathy Fengel says:

    I loved Barbie dolls and one year my Grandmother made me a whole wardrobe for them I was so super excited she also made me a housecoat that matched Barbies!!!

  54. Jenny K says:

    There’s quite a few. I definitely need to take time and journal about them. Now & even then, I would say getting to go to both Grandparents houses for Christmas. Often, both Christmas Day but sometimes one Christmas Eve. I hated the nap my parents made us take between the two though!
    Would love one more of those Christmas’ now for sure.

  55. Sharon Gullikson says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is getting a bike for Christmas. My brother and parents all got them, too. One reason I liked it was that it made me realize that we weren’t as poor as I thought we were–if they could buy 4 Schwinn bikes at once!

  56. Deb Dakken says:

    What a cute set! Thanks for the thought provoking and memory jarring questions for this give away. I have had to sit and reflect about each open ended question you pose and tonight I answer with one of my top memories being the year my uncle was recently divorced and had had an accident so his back was hurting. He stood at the planter divider by our front door with a cutting board across it and ate his Christmas Eve meal. He kept repeating how grateful he was and how great the food was. To the point that the little kiddos (myself included) wondered if we would have leftovers to enjoy… It was a humbling night. And…a recurring most loved moment that always results in moist eyes is singing Silent Night in church with just the candles lit.

  57. Amanda L says:

    I don’t really have one specific favorite Christmas memory. Any time spent with friends and family celebrating the Holidays is a favorite! ?

  58. Michelle Lee says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was 6 years old. My dad came back early from his tour of duty during the Vietnam war. It was a total surprise. I don’t think my mom even knew. He rang the doorbell and when my mom opened the door, he was standing there.

  59. Barry L Snarr says:

    Ohhhh, I love me some paper wizard…..and Christmas embellishments to boot? What is not to love? My favorite memory was cutting down a fresh tree with my father every year. It was quality time and I remember those times more than I remember the actual trees and what they looked like. Just time well spent with my father!

  60. Bobbie B. says:

    I love all of these Paper Wizard die cuts! My favorite memory growing up was going Christmas Tree hunting. Tees look so small in the forest and we’re always way too big for the living room. Good thing my dad was a real-life lumberjack ?

  61. Sandi says:

    When I was probably around 6-7 years old and my brother gave me a huge box for my Christmas present. Inside it was a kit to make potholders with all the strings and small loom. Each piece was wrapped in crinkled newspaper and had to be opened separately — so I had about 100+ things to unwrap. It was his way of telling me “thank-you” for helping him to deliver newspapers on his paper route!!! Thank you for offering this prize.

  62. Amy Marshall says:

    My favorite memory at Christmas is the time my grandfather video taped Santa putting out the presents and the grandkids reaction to their gifts the next morning! Fantastic prize!

  63. Cynthia Link says:

    Favorite memory was getting up early to drive to NY to spend Christmas day with my grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles. Loved that time. Years later learned how my parentsdidnt like the driving (traffic). I however loved the traffic, the anticipation, the celebrating. I’d go back in a heartbeat!
    And I love love the prize!

  64. GeorgiAnne Katek says:

    Paper Wizard is amazing! I have four “Baby’s First Year” scrapbooks to make. These would be adorable on the First Christmas pages!

  65. Elaine M. says:

    Ahhh, the magic of Christmas. We lived on a farm in Maryland. My dad, brothers and I would mark our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. On Christmas Eve, we’d go find the tree, cut it down and drag it home propping it against the house.
    Christmas morning we’d wake to a beautifully decorated tree with packages underneath. Santa is incredibly magical!

  66. Shauna B says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is laying under the tree and staring up at the lights blinking through the branches.


    My happiest memories are about the preparations for Noche Buena at my aunt’s house. Our culture celebrates the Eve before Christmas in anticipation of the birth of Christ. The preparations started since the 23rd, going early to a farm to pick out the perfect puerquita (female pig). We would have a seasoning party that evening, watching my step-grandmother and my aunt do their magic seasoning the pig. The entire family would gather all day on the 24th watching the men roast the pig in a pit they would dig out in the yard, while the women were all making the traditional dishes and setting up all the decorations for the evening meal. It was wonderful, family members from infants to great-grandmothers all enjoying each other tell stories and sampling the delicious treats.

  68. Denise Bryant says:

    Such fun designs! Love this prize!
    My favorite Christmas memory…. when I was a kid my Dad bought me a Cinderella watch on one of our trips to Disneyland. It came with a ceramic Cinderella figurine. I still have the watch (and it works!) but the figurine was long ago lost in the shuffle. I felt bad that I no longer had it, and my husband went out and bought me a collectible one for Christmas several years ago. It was, of course, different from the one that came with my watch, but it was such a sweet gesture and I love it! It has a place of honor on my dresser.

  69. Karen Labe says:

    My favorite memory is the reaction of my then seven year old to finding a bike under the tree, wrapped and delivered by Santa. I love, love, love Paper Wizard products and would be delighted to win this prize.

  70. Amy Kainu says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas is waking up on Christmas morning and going to my oldest sisters room. When all 5 kids were in her room, she would go wake mom & dad up. We would stay in there until dad built the fire in the fireplace then we were allowed to go into the family room and unwrapping would begin ?

  71. Donna Sue says:

    Love these Christmas designs! I remember peeking out my door & seeing Santa! But it was actually a realistic looking outdoor Santa!!

  72. DeAnna says:

    One of my fondest memories is decorating Christmas cookies with my Grandma. She baked many, many cookie sheets. We decorated them with a rainbow of colors. It was so much fun!

  73. Sandy G. says:

    Two of my uncles, Carl and Herb, used to trade off each year, gifting each other a lump of coal. The competition got pretty fierce over the years as they tried to out-do the other by making it harder and harder each year to unwrap the package. One year, I remember Uncle Herb had the blow torch out. It was hilarious, and all in fun. Family memories are the best!

  74. Lori says:

    I grew up on a farm. Every year we went out and found a Christmas tree on the farm, cut it down and brought it home. We had a metal green and red stand my dad would put it in then my brother and I would decorate it. We didn’t have much. One strand of lights with bulbs and one lone bubble light. We made paper chains to put on it and a star cut from a cardboard box and covered in tin foil. I’ve always loved Christmas!!

  75. Jill B. says:

    One of my best memories is of the nephews and niece waking me up ridiculously early because Santa came. Getting to see and hear their excitement is one of my favorite things!

  76. Dana M says:

    Oh what super cute cutouts! Love your story Sean 😉 My favorite holiday memory is helping my grandma with Christmas dinner.

  77. Michelle Christ says:

    My favorite holiday memory is being at my grandparents house every Christmas Eve with all my cousins and aunts and uncles and getting to open the stockings that Santa left there for us.

    • Jen Hughes says:

      I loved when we would go to my grandparents in PA and walk around Christmas Eve singing Christmas songs.

  78. Cathy Thomas says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas is being a mother of four children.
    Having the shopping, wrapping and cooking done. Finally getting some sleep and waking up to excited children. That’s the best!

  79. Christine Hemmi says:

    When my kids were little, every year the family would go to Bronners in Frankenmuth, mi to pick out their yearly christmas tree ornament. Now that they are grown and my mom has passed it’s hard to get everyone together

  80. Kathleen Dippner says:

    I remember Christmas morning sitting on the floor with my sisters unwrapping everything that was in our stockings. Our stocking hung on the railing since we didn’t have a fireplace.

  81. Dolores McIntosh says:

    I loved sneaking downstairs early Christmas morning and shaking the presents trying to figure out what they were before my parents got up. We were allowed to get into our stockings while we were waiting. We got nuts, oranges and candy in our stockings❣️

  82. Valerie Engelmann says:

    My favorite memories are the ones I am creating for my own kids. I enjoy seeing their reactions and appreciation on Christmas. We decorate so much inside and out that they enjoy telling their friends about it. This is my favorite time of year and I’m watching that grow in my kids.

  83. Karen Sinatra says:

    It was my Dad and I who decorated the tree every year when I was a child. My Mom had a special angel ornament that she placed on the tree once we were finished to mark her approval of our tree. I still place that ornament last onto the tree in memory of my parents.

  84. Andrea B. says:

    We would get together at my Aunt’s house every Christmas Eve, and my grandmother would come to our house for brunch and to watch us open gifts.

  85. Doris tate says:

    My favorite memory was going up the mountain to cut our very own Christmas tree. Was a fun day with Dad, brothers and uncles then down to grandmas for dinner.

  86. Kathy Quick says:

    Omg. Huge fan of Paper Wizard. Usually my first stop at the Expo. Absolutely love your products! Great opportunity. Thank you for the chance.

  87. Tania feekes says:

    I was very lucky kid, my dad was in the air force. so i got to spend a few Christmases in germany. It is beautiful time of year there.

  88. Carrie Salerno says:

    My favorite memory was when I was 8 and my sister was 11 we really wanted the Barbie dream house. My parents kept telling us they couldn’t afford it. So when we woke up and saw that Santa brought it for us we played all day with it.
    The best part though is now that we are all grown up my dad told me that him and his friend spent all night till 5 am putting it together just so his little girls could have the dream house they always wanted. Love my dad just that much more!

  89. karenajo says:

    Great prize package! I remember waking up so early on Christmas morning to see what was left for us under the tree – so exciting when we were young!

  90. Lisa Scott says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is waking my brother up about 5 in the morning to see what Santa had left under the tree. Then going back to bed before our parents woke up!!!

  91. Arlene says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my Nana would come over around 11am on Christmas day and sit and let me show her every present that I had already opened and neatly placed back under the tree waiting for her to come see.

  92. Ruby says:

    My favorite memory is my daughter’s first Christmas. She was only 3 months old but it was wonderful to spend it with our little miracle!

  93. Gina Malfeo-Martin says:

    Going to grandmas house on Christmas Eve. The presents would be distributed and opened from oldest to youngest! The anticipation of being the youngest and having to wait! To this day I find great joy in watching others open their gifts, especially the ones I handpicked for them!

  94. Tracy says:

    I miss baking cookies with my mom. I love this time of year and all the cookies – the smiles on the faces of those you give them too is the best

  95. Erin says:

    Christmas Eve Candlelight service. Afterwards we would all come home to a “snacky” supper and play games until we couldn’t keep our eyes open. I’ve started the same tradition with my kiddos.

  96. Betty Anne says:

    Every year my dad would take my sister and me out for a drive and look for Santa. It never failed, Santa would come and leave the presents while we were gone. To this day, I still don’t know how that always happened 😉

  97. Jennifer says:

    Love Paper Wizard! Always loved decorating our Christmas tree as kids. Also remember baking hundreds of cookies with my mother to give as gifts!

  98. Michelle Johnson says:

    I loved my Christmases as a young girl. I had a large Italian family and both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were filled with ball my aunts, uncles and cousins and the most amazing food. My aunts would cook for days leading up to the actual holidays. We would sing, go to Mass and open gifts.
    Wonderful memories!

  99. Anna Chagnon says:

    I used to love to guess what was inside all of the gifts under the tree. I was so good at figuring it out, my Dad decided to use random numbers to identify which gifts belonged to which child. Unfortunately, his master plan backfired when he lost the list that showed which numbers belonged to which child so we ended up opening up everyone else’s presents. It made for a great memory.

  100. Annette Sharp says:

    When I was little I received a giant Snoopy dog. I was so thrilled, I screamed, “Look what you got me for!!”
    My brother and I still talk and laugh about it to this day.
    Good memory. ?

  101. Brenda Thomason says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas is opening my Christmas stocking! I loved getting all the little goodies and treats that fit in my stocking. It’s still one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning…watching the kids pull each item out of their stocking and unpacking mine. Thanks so much for the chance to win this adorable bundle of goodies (that could even fit in a stocking)! Wishing you all at Paper Wizard a very merry Christmas!

  102. Carrie Bell says:

    I always remember helping my mom decorate every year. She’d get so frustrated trying to string all the lights on the tree just so! ?

  103. Karen Kurz says:

    My favorite memory is when I woke up before my parents and saw I had a bike. My brother and I took it out in the snow and tried to ride it but neither of us knew how. In my jammies, in the snow!

  104. Lisa Rozga says:

    My favorite memory is watching my sons excitement on Christmas morning. Hoping for some awesome paper wizard titles to scrap all those photos!

  105. Clara Stairs says:

    Paper Wizard is my first stop at the Expo. I love the detail of the die cuts and I love being a PKC member!

    • Clara Stairs says:

      My favorite memory is watching mu son opening and playing with his presents. That first year, we could have just given him a box and he would have been happy!!

  106. Janet says:

    My favorite memory is opening our socks on Christmas morning. My family still does this every Christmas and I’m still excited to see what I got (even at my age).
    Love paper wizard and all their wonderful products

  107. Gabriella Rollins says:

    Thanks for your amazing creations, paper wizard! Baking and decorating cookies with my daughters, friends, and now my grandkids are the b st memories!

  108. Cathy Rendek says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is every Christmas morning my Nana made gooey butter cake and we would have it for breakfast with a big glass of milk. When I moved to Atlanta I was sad cause I wasn’t going to have my breakfast on Christmas morning but on the day before Christmas Eve I got an overnight package and it was a frozen gooey butter cake. I was so happy!! ♥️♥️ Thanks for the chance to win!!

  109. Marilyn King says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas each year is hanging out on the couch and watching ALL the Hallmark movies with my best friend.

  110. Tina Westbrook says:

    My favorite memory is the Christmas I had with my daughter just after she turned 15…. because little did I know it was going to be the last one with her. We lost her in an accident after the new year.

  111. Ana Saucedo says:

    Wow! So much to say about Christmas! I was raised in a small town in Wyoming to a single parent & on Christmas morning we would find a gift or two for all six of us…but it was even more exciting when people from town would bring us presents & try to guess our names! We still laugh to this day that our names were changed every time! It made a memorable Christmas as they brought us ham & turkey and remembered us…they never forgot about my mom and all of us.

  112. Lynn Mann says:

    We had a spinner type ornament that had to be placed over an old fashioned Christmas light bulb. The heat from the light would make it spin. If you placed it just right, it would spin very fast. As I little kid, I loved that.

  113. Berta says:

    my best memory waa one year i got pair of jeans i must been 13-14 my mom didnt make lot money and i wanted these jeans so bad. she swore she couldnt afford them. and i knew she couldnt. but i unwrapped them and cried of joy. my mom was happyiest person. she worked oveetime and sold her things to buy for me. She is a wonderful mom. sure miss her with us. Love you mom in heaven i will never.forget what ya done for us kids

  114. Tammy White says:

    Favorite childhood memory is once when we came home from 11pm Christmas Eve worship we decided to open “ just one gift” and we kept going until all the gifts were open and it was 4 am. Good times!

  115. Tina says:

    My favorite memory is the memory of my daughter right after she turned 15 we had a special time backing together, wrapping presents together, shopping and decorating together… little did I know it would be the last as we lost her in the new year.

  116. Roberta Sonntag says:

    So many Christmas memories and traditions to choose from!! Every year, my mom would read “The Night Before Christmas” before we went to bed, and we would leave milk and cookies for Santa. The rule was that we kids could get up and open our stockings whenever we wanted, but we couldn’t wake Mom and Dad or open our gifts until the sun came up! I remember spending many a Christmas morning from 5am till sunup eating the oranges in our stockings, playing with the new cards or little games found in our stockings, and staring out the window, watching for that first glimpse of sunlight!!

  117. Patti Luba says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was spending Christmas morning with my family at my Nana’s house. My family would gather to make a special breakfast (sausages, eggs and waffles). My nana would have stockings on the fireplace telling us Santa came there too. It was fun to get special gifts from Nana including the orange in the bottom of the stocking every year. I treasure those memories.

  118. Jeannette Nelson says:

    My favorite memory was climbing onto my father’s lap and waiting for Christmas breakfast to be ready.

  119. Annie Marciano says:

    When we were little, we would go to Midnight mass as a family. After mass, we would run home and open presents.

  120. Amy Blohm says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is trying to fall asleep waiting on santa. We would try so hard to stay awake. We would ask each other is that him. And fall fast asleep….

  121. Eva King says:

    My husband & I would cover the walkway from the bedrooms to the living room with wrapping paper. The kids loved running through the wrapping paper into the living room to see their presents from Santa.

  122. Marie says:

    Going to Midnight Mass with my entire family after a delicious dinner with my entire family…all 11 brothers and sisters and their families.

  123. Carol Douglass says:

    My favorite memories are spending time with my Aunt, I was always in awe of how many presents could be put around her tree.

  124. Jennifer F. says:

    Christmas at my grandmother’s with the whole family. I wouldn’t trade those wonderful Christmas years for anything!

  125. Deb S. says:

    My mom would drive us around to look at all the outside Christmas decorations. There used to be a street called Candy Cane Lane where all the houses were decorated. Pretty awesome to a little kid.

  126. Tracy W says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is waking up with my sisters upstairs and waiting to hear my parents go downstairs since that was the time for us to come down. We always try to sneak down the stairs and see the presents under the tree before they got up though.

  127. Kim A says:

    When I was kid we always went to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve. At some point during the night we’d hear bells outside and Santa would come in the front door with one present for each grandchild. It was always special to be called over to Santa for your gift and even as we got older it was always special to see the excitement on the little ones faces. Now we continue the tradition for our children, watching them with delight when Santa comes on Christmas Eve to see them.

  128. Rosemarie says:

    When I was old enough to buy a cut off tree top and 1 strand of lights and made a tree and put it into a coke can. This was my best Christmas as a child. I still as an adult have the yarn ornaments I made for that little tree. It gave me such peace and happiness.

  129. Crystal says:

    When my sister was little (7 years between our ages) my brother and I climbed into the attic on Christmas Eve with a string full of jingle bells. We crawled to the spot over our bedroom and started shaking the bells. Mom was reading to my sister and they heard the bells. Then the string broke and the bells dropped all over the attic floor/bedroom ceiling. We thought we had blown it but my sister got excited and said she heard the reindeer landing on the roof. ❤️

  130. Lynn says:

    My fondest Christmas memory is decorating the tree with my mom. It was something we wanted to do, just the two of us. So we would wait until everyone was gone one evening and do it.

  131. Kim Knowles says:

    I love Paper Wizard! And what a prize package!!! Too many memories to mention, but I guess the main one would be getting together with all my cousins and just enjoying the day with family.

  132. Krista Heisey says:

    When I was little I lived in a big farmhouse and we had electric candles in all the windows. My dad used to tell me that my job was to go around and switch the light bulbs out to green ones. Something so simple yet to a kid was a big deal.

  133. Amy says:

    Love Paper Wizard! Favorite Memory is making and decorating Christmas cookies with my kids to share with family, friends, and of course Santa.

  134. Patti Leighton says:

    My favorite memory was coming up with a different scene for the window and my sister doing it. Also after opening presents playing with the wrapping paper. Going out on the snowmobile and just be able to be a kid. Wish I was able to go back there.

  135. Alison Tengler says:

    My favourite memory is always having my grandparents sleep over, so they would be there 1st thing Christmas morning. We’ve continued this with my kids…my mom sleeps over every Christmas Eve.

  136. Diane Leigh says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is visiting my grandparents on Christmas day and getting to see all my cousins.

  137. Kimberly E. says:

    My fave Christmas memory is from my childhood. It became an annual tradition for my parents & I to go to the Magic Kingdom right when they opened to get our spot on the curb (my dad has is favorite spot) to sit for the Live airing of the Parade. I remember that we got on TV twice through the years: once I was in my Snow White costume that my Aunt made (Loan London said: “there is a little Snow White”.) & another time I was holding a Hudson’s Santa Bear. My dad would set the VCR in the motor home so we could watch the Parade later to see if we got on TV. I have always treasured these memories but even more so now that my dad has passed away from cancer. Thank you for doing this contest. Paper Wizard has great unique products. I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately (ok, well the last couple of years) & not scrapbooking but in 2020, I plan to get to get back to it.

  138. Lorena Holmes says:

    Such a beautiful pack, of course wouldn’t expect anything less from PKC! …. I grew up in a different country without any Christmas traditions but as young college kid, I would hear about traditions of this time of year from my roommates, that’s when I decided that when I had a family, I would get my “traditions“ going. Well, my oldest son is now 28 and the family still tries to all go together the day after thanksgiving to pick the perfect tree to decorate. We wait 1 day to let the tree “drop” and then we decorate while singing Christmas music (my sister and my niece join on this tradition too, my niece specially, is a force on getting everyone together to make this happen even as the boys are grown men). I think I can say that I successfully created our own tradition even as I never knew “this” would become our family’s tradition !

  139. Jean Marmo says:

    What a fun pack! I have many favorite memories – every year we hunt for and chop down the perfect tree which means whining and complaining and laughter and snowball fights, each year I give the kids a dated ornament and when they got married I gave them the entire collection, we frost sugar cookies – if the frosting doesn’t all get eaten and we take photos with Santa which means dad had to dress up once they were too old to do this in public. Thank you for the opportunity!

  140. Nathalia Sistiva says:

    Love Paper Wizard! I’ve been a club member since the beginning and love seeing them at CKC! Favorite memory is decorating the house and going Christmas shopping with my daughter ❤️❤️

  141. Jackie K says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is each year on Christmas morning, my brother and I would have to go down the stairs to the basement together where the tree was, and turning the corner down there and seeing the tree with all the presents under it was always so magical.

  142. Bethany Mason says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is ringing jingle bells outside of my kids window on Christmas eve. They would get so excited and to this day puts a smile on my face when I think about it. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  143. Denise says:

    My dad would be off work from his job for two whole weeks. We would go out to the woods, select the tree, bring it home to decorate. Mom would get the decorations for the house down. Music played, hot chocolate & coffee was ready, and gingerbread cake would be cooking! We loved every minute of it!

  144. Lisa F. says:

    I love decorating the Christmas tree with my husband and kids. On Christmas day we wait for everyone to wake up and go downstairs. Someone would play santa.

  145. Yolanda Deatherage says:

    I love Paper Wizard! My Christmas memory is decorating the tree with my mom and siblings listening to Oh Holy Night by Perry Como. We helped with the ornaments but mom didn’t like that we threw the icicles on the tree instead of placing them individually! 😉

  146. Sarahy Cruz-Perez says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is my uncle passing out presents. As we opened them, we attached the gift bows on him until he looked like a Christmas tree himself.

  147. Gayle Garcia says:

    My mom would put a little dirt on my bedroom floor so when I woke up Christmas Day it looked like Santa had been there.

  148. Pam Gfesser says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is my dad dressing up as Santa every year & always complaining how he just missed seeing Santa because he got home late from work! Finally one year we discovered he was Santa when he forgot to take off his wedding ring! He gave us many years of happiness, & one of my brothers later on took on that tradition for our kids for many years! Ho Ho Ho!

  149. Kristen Bastien says:

    My favorite memories are Christmas morning when we would get up and it would still be dark out. We come down & music would be on & the tree would be all lit up. I still remember my parents smiling at my brother and I running around so happy. The feeling has never left me and I always cherish those moments.

  150. Carolyn Ingram says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my kids were little and seeing the excitement on the faces on Christmas morning!❤️

  151. Roxie Miller says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is finding the “presents from you know who” and telling my little sister. Boy did I get into BIG trouble that year!
    Thanks for the great sponsorship Paper Wizard. Love your stuff.

  152. Lizzie W says:

    When we were liittle, Christmas Eve was the only day of the year we were allowed to stay up past midnight! Being European, we opened our gifts on Christmas Eve night & someone in the family would dress up a Santa Claus and make a big production of coming up from down the street with bells or music, so we would get very quiet and try to listen for him/her to come to the house with our presents! Oh, the innocence!
    I’ve never tried paper Wizard products before – Thanks for the chance!

  153. Kerry says:

    My favorite Christmas memory I was 4 years old newly adopted and my father opened the French doors to the family room. It was magical my parents had stayed up all night transforming the room, Christmas tree, wreaths, boxes, tinsel and bows. I still vividly remember the room and hearing Joy to the World with my eyes wide open in wonder. I just stood there transfixed taking it all in. My first Christmas in my forever family. And then Christmas cookies for breakfast just because it was Christmas.

  154. Gretchen Lindsey says:

    My favorite memory is spending time with family playing games. Hanging out and just enjoying each other.

  155. Sue H says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is “buying” a brand new toaster oven for my mother using the “Green Stamps” from the grocery. I glued all the stamps into the booklets and made sure I had enough to redeem for the toaster oven. My mother had to take me to the redemption center and then let me hide the box in my room, wrap it, and put a sleigh and 8 reindeer on top to put under the tree. I was only 7 years old, so this was quite an accomplishment!

  156. Carmen says:

    Favorite Christmas memory has been watching my dad cry after receiving his gift. Not crying because of the gift. He was crying because of the love he felt.

  157. Marsha Whitmire says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is spending it with all of the family at our house. Big dinners & lots of playing with all the new toys. Especially lived my easy bake oven!

  158. Barbara Cowan says:

    my favorite memory of Christmas is baking cookies with my mother-in-law, I was to decorate them with a variety of sprinkles etc. She made the best sugar cookies on earth.

  159. Alice L. says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is baking Cheistmas cookies with my Mom. We would bake and decorate all day. This is an awesome gift, sould love to put it to good use.

  160. Ginger Sambrosky says:

    Making gingerbread cookies with my grandmother is one of my favorite Christmas memories. Love Paper Wizard, also!

  161. Amy Schupska says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is decorating the house with my parents and sister. I liked looking at all of the ornaments and hearing the story about how when I was very very little that I tried to sit in the baby buggy ornament and ended up breaking it. My parents glued it back together, and we put it on the tree every year with that story.

  162. Cassandra says:

    Paper Wizard is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE vendors! Such a great family and a great company! One of my most favorite memories is making homemade Christmas cookies with my mom and sister. We still do it to this very day! Thanks for the giveaway opportunities! 🙂

  163. Rhonda F. says:

    I loved having allllll of my cousins over on Christmas Day! We would sleep under the Christmas tree on Christmas night and it was fantastic!

  164. Rene Wahl says:

    My favorite memory is my dad dressing up in a Santa costume every year for not just me and my brothers but for my cousins too.

  165. Karen Emerson says:

    My favorite Christmas memories are finding out my ornament each year. Mom would get my brother and me an ornament each year, and I couldn’t wait to find out what she selected. I still have all of those ornaments.

  166. Sandy Kilkenny says:

    Santa Claus showing up at our house on Christmas eve and my grandmother telling him his pants were unzipped!

  167. Connie Jo Keeling says:

    My favorite memory is my Grandpa dressing up as Santa and coming to our house Christmas Eve. I remember the year I figured it out and how I felt so grown-up. I helped to keep the little ones going for years after that. The prize is adorable and would make a great page with my kids!

    • Cathy N says:

      My favorite Christmas memory is making and decorating Christmas cookies with my Mom! It was SO fun and delicious too!! Miss her so much.?

  168. Nancy C. says:

    Christmas Day was a complete family day & we got to stay in our pajamas (new for the holidays, of course) all day! We played with our new toys, tried on our new clothes ( and put pjs back on) and ate cookies! This is a tradition we have carried forward with our own children!

  169. Audrey H says:

    My favorite Christmas memories are , gathering with family going to church and singing christmas carols, having the candle light sermon. Getting paper bags filled with peanuts , candy and oranges from the church, then going home to eat oyster stew and opening up our stockings with the family. Now we all live far apart and do not usually make it home for Christmas …so I miss that the most.

  170. Sandy says:

    Remembering special Christmas memories…always and forever we could count on my Grandparents to come and be there for us every single Christmas! They would come bearing homemade Christmas gifts and special pastries from their small town with the best icing ever!

  171. Debby C. says:

    Love Paper Wizard, and thanks for the chance to win your great prize package. “Kathy F…” I have the same memory as you do. I didn’t get the matching robe, but I sure did love Barbie’s new wardrobe from “Granny!” It was one of my all time greatest gifts. Wish I still had those clothes now.

  172. Maria W says:

    So many great memories of christmases from childhood til now. The gift I remember most was the xmas I got my first My little pony, Starshine. I was so so happy, and sat with her on the couch as we gathered for xmas movies and treats.

  173. Grace says:

    My favorite Christmas memories are baking cookies with my Mom and then my children and now my grandchildren. Then packing them and driving around leaving them for friends and neighbors. Gives you such a ‘Christmas-y’ feeling.

  174. Barbara Peters. Pkc469 says:

    Love Eric and Bonnie, for many years now. Here is my best memory: I had an appendectomy on Christmas Eve morning at 10 years old. You would think that is a bad thing, but you have no idea how the hospital treats children in the hospital for Christmas. Gifts and Clothes and Candy and Food. My parents were a wreck but I loved every minute of it. I still remember the green dress they gave me. I felt like Cinderella in it. All of my family came to see me too. It was an amazing Christmas in a very different unconventional way. I think it also has something to do with why I like hospitals, lol. People think I’m nuts. Merry Christmas

  175. Charmagne Welch-Colbert says:

    Growing up in the north….you see alot of snow. I remember one Christmas morning, my dad went all out and had the dog leav3 footprints in the snow. I don’t know how he got the prints on the roof to make it look like the reindeer did it!!

  176. Kelli says:

    One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories is going to see the animated displays in the windows of Rike’s department stores. We would also go see Santa!

  177. Kristin Dillenburg says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is baking cookies and going to look at Christmas lights with my family.

  178. KC Wong says:

    My most favorite Christmas memory is when I opened a gift from my then-boyfriend, thinking it was “the” ring. Turned out to be a tiny rubber stamp (he knew my heart even then!) The story has a happy ending – he proposed (officially) 4 months later.

  179. Lori Hatton says:

    I was just sharing MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MEMORY with a coworker! I told her how excited I was as a child to see all the goodies Santa filled my stocking with. There were fat, long peppermint sticks, The Lifesaver Storybook, Chocolate Marshmallow Santas, hand crocheted slippers, hats and scarves. Our Christmas card always had a crisp $2 bill tucked inside. It was the simple things that meant to world to me and made my childhood Christmas’ memorable!

  180. Holly Klingensmith says:

    Love Paper Wizard kits, they are the best.
    My favorite memory is one Christmas eve my mom was trying to get me to go to bed so Santa could come. i was sitting at the kitchen table drinking milk and all of the sudden I seen a red point of light at the window. i ran to bed thinking it was Rudolph.

  181. Mary Faith says:

    My fondest memory is when my Grandparents were alive, they always had a real tree. And my Grandma would decorate with all here beautiful ornaments on them. Today they would be considered antiques. I loved looking at them with the colored lights. I miss that.

  182. Janet Leppek says:

    My favorite Christmas memories include our church Christmas program. We always include the little kids & it is always so awesome to see them get over their shyness or nerves & get up & read a verse or sing a song. Especially when I got to watch my own kids & nieces & nephews perform.

  183. Cory C. says:

    My Mom loved to bake Christmas cookies. As a kid, we loved to come home after school and “test” her efforts of the day. She would always bake X-mas cut-outs and let us kids decorate them. I have her cookie cutters and many more that I have collected. I tell myself every year that I’m not going to bake cookies because none of us really “need” them, but I just can’t let go of the tradition and it just wouldn’t be Christmas without them. Calories be damned!

  184. Mel H says:

    I miss the little drawings my dad would do on our Christmas tags. He always drew little deer prints, or little elf feet or something like a string of lights on our Santa tags. Each one was unique. He’s been gone now 16 years and I miss him still.

  185. marcelle says:

    When the kids were little we lived overseas and I would host a cookie exchange for the neighborhood. We would bake sugar cookies and leave them to decorate at the party. The kids had great fun and I got to sample other countries traditional cookies!

  186. Carrie says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is the wonderful smell of the house while my mom was making tons of different cookies. Once she finished she would put together plates wrapped with bows and my dad and I would drive around and deliver them to friends, family and neighbors.

  187. Lisa Villanueva says:

    Making cookies with my Mom. Also, going to look at all the lights with family and my pommie who loved the lights too…???

  188. Karen Lingel says:

    Love Paper Wizard (classes are amazing!) New cookies this year! Cool. thanks for the opportunity to win.

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