Freebie Friday with Fiskars

Freebie Friday


Hello and welcome back fellow crafters!! Sean here with your next Freebie Friday! Remember, Freebie Friday is now WEEKLY!! YAY! For this weeks Freebie Friday we have a FANTASTIC giveaway from Fiskars!


About our Sponsor


“Best known for their iconic Orange-handled scissors™, Fiskars empowers everyday creativity through purposeful design.”

Founded over three and a half centuries ago in a small Finnish village of the same name, Fiskars has grown to become a leading global supplier of products that help people do the things they love in easier, more enjoyable ways.


About the Prize

Fiskars will be sending one very LUCKY winner this prize pack that will include their Stamp Positioner, a four piece Stamp Block Set, 8″ non-stick Scissors, Total Control® Non-stick Precision Scissors, Woodland Party Interactive Clear Stamps, Holiday Party Interactive Clear Stamps and Tiny Little Home Interactive Clear Stamp set!!

WOW!!!! I am SOOOO jealous of whoever wins this AMAZING prize pack!!! I’ll be over at your house for a crafting day!! Lol!


Spread the Love

While we are waiting to see who the lucky winner is, you can hop on over to Fiskars social media channels. You’ll find TONS of inspiration there. Make sure to leave a comment on this post before July 4th at 6pm Eastern to have a chance to win!


Last Freebie Friday Miniature Luxuries & Papers sponsored our giveaway. The lucky winner of that prize is…..

Congratulations! I will email the winner with “Miniature Luxuries & Papers Winner” in the subject line.


We love our International guests soo much, but due to the fact that we hi-light small business’, physical prizes can only be shipped to the US. Digital prizes are for everyone!


Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

Thanks for stopping by for Freebie Friday.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below before July 4th at 6pm Eastern for your chance to win!!

Have a great weekend!

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602 thoughts on “Freebie Friday with Fiskars

  1. Beth says:

    I love Fiskars. Their Easy-Action Powercut Snips (a reverse action detail scissors) has saved my hand, which hurts when using most scissors.

    • Laura says:

      I love my paper cutter very much… the best I have ever used…oh and there is no comparison to the scissors either..just saying.. hugs!

    • Sharon McGuire says:

      Moo nikki
      I love Fiskars because I have rheumatoid arthritis and there’s so much easier to use. Love love love this pack. Could really use it!

    • Mary Lambert says:

      All my cutting supplies are friskars! Love them!! Thanks so much for the great cutters, they are awesome!

    • E d Howard says:

      Thank You Fiskars for all these years of excellent long lasting scissors!- and trimmers and all your quality products – we appreciate you ❤️

    • Becky says:

      I love tha stamp block sets. So much precision with the positioning guides. Thank you Fiskars for a wonderful prize package.

    • Denice Murray says:

      Fiskars is such a reliable company. Money back guarantee. And these new products look wonderful! They’ve done it again.

    • Dawn Lederman says:

      I have been using FISKARS products for my scrapbooking needs for years and they are the best. They are made well and produce awesome results. Nothing beats their scissors because of their quality. However I never tried their clear stamps and these look so adorable, especially the Woodland Party, and I am so happy for the chance to win this set of FISKARS products. Love all of them that are shown!!!

    • Michelle Lince says:

      Oh how I love fiskars. I have a cluple paper cutters and love using them . Such great products. I have thought about purchasing the scissors but haven’t yet.

  2. Pattie CARTWRIGHT says:

    My first paper trimmer was a Fiskars. Would love to update my fitting and stamping tools. Thanks

  3. Patti Siems says:

    I love Fiskars! Always my first go to when looking for my paper crafting tools. The products I have purchased always looooooong outlast anything else!

    • Peggy Wingo says:

      The Expo was out-of-this world! We had so much fun meeting new people, talking to the vendors, spending our $$$ on awesome products and taking the watercolor class. Already planning our 2020 trip.

    • Virginia Marquez says:

      I love Fiskars products! From my triple track paper trimmer, to my “these are mom’s good scissors”, Fiskars products are quality made. 🧡

  4. Marsha M says:

    Wow! I love Fiskars, I know I have used the scissors for over 40 years. I use a paper trimmer they make. I had no idea they made so many other products. Thanks for the opportunity to win and use these fabulous items!

  5. GAYE MILLER says:

    I love Fiskars products. I use their paper cutter and stamps frequently in my craft room.

  6. Deb Dakken says:

    I have used Fiskars products in my sewing, papercrafts and gardening for over 25 years and love the quality and innovative products they make available to us. Would love to try that new total control scissors and win the whole package!

  7. Lydia says:

    Fiskars products are wonderful. The stamp sets are so cute.
    I would love to win so to share with my granddaughter when we
    Craft together.

    • Denise Gates says:

      Started using Fiskar products over 15 years ago, other companies don’t compare with regard to versatility, price, or dependability. Great to see the stamp sets!

  8. Karen Skillender says:

    Fiskars has always made excellent quality products for crafting, sewing and gardening! Would love to win this prize pack!

  9. Pam deWolfe says:

    I love Fiskars!! I have several of their paper trimmers and of course lots of scissors! So excited for the chance to win some of their new items.

  10. DENISE MORENO says:

    Fiskars is a true Iconic Brand! I remember my grandmother using their scissors for cutting fabric – and boy-o-boy don’t use grandma’s “good” scissors 🙂
    This is an amazing offer! Thank you Fiskars for years of service and great memories.

  11. Lisa M says:

    Love Fiskars. Great products and what a fabulous prize! Just bought a pair of travel scissors so that I can crochet while on the plane.

  12. Linda D says:

    WOW! This is an amazing prize! I love Fiskars! The stamp positioner alone is a phenomenal prize! Thanks for the chance to win!

  13. Deb Nelson says:

    Great prize package! The Fiskars brand is always a high quality product. Would love to win this prize package as I’m just getting into stamping. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Bobbi Staver says:

    I love Fiskars. Use only their scissors in my scrap room and for sewing. Would love to win this prize. thanks for offering it.

  15. Lillian says:

    I have many Fiskars products. I’m already imagining how I could use these beautiful stamps in my travel book. Love their products.

  16. Charlene Brooks says:

    I love my Fiskars cutters! My friends and I have the same cutter so when we crop together, we match.

  17. Sherrie Bartku says:

    I love Fiskars! Their cutting tools are always the best. I would love to win this set!

  18. Marilyn says:

    Great Prize Package! Fiskars products are real good I have a few of them and use them everyday. Good luck to all. Thank You for a chance at winning.

  19. Patricia MacKinnon says:

    Wow !? Since I have hand problems. The Total Control Scissors would be perfect for me !! I love my small Non Stick scissors ! I can always get my Hubby to do my fussy cutting for me!
    All these stamps would be great!

  20. Helene M. says:

    Fiskars is tried and true – what a wonderful prize package! Would love to win this – thank you!

  21. Angela Till says:

    Fiskars is my go to scissors for all my crafting, paper and fabric alike. I love that they have stamps too!

  22. Margo Walker says:

    I would love to have these products! I have been using Fiskars scissors and rotary cutters for years. My Fiskars Rotary Cutter and Ruler Combo is my current favorite. I love that they continue to bring out great new products!

  23. Pamela Teel says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this fabulous fiskars set. I have strength issues with my hand and feel the snips would greatly assist in cutting with minimal discomfort.

  24. Deb Watkins says:

    I’ve owned MANY cutters for 20 year, and I can 100% say that Fiskars is THE BEST! The stamps are adorable and so versatile. Great Giveaway

  25. Tracy Steinbach says:

    What a great prize! Fiskers is a fantasic company and they stand behind their products! Thanks for the chance to win I love my fiskers punches so I know I will love this prize just as much

  26. Julia E says:

    I love Fiskars. Their products are so durable, I don’t need to replace. But this prize pack is full of stuff I could use!

  27. Peg Ebert says:

    WOW – Fiskars are to scissors as Kleenix is to tissues. The mats and stamps are a great bonus.

  28. Janice Escue says:

    I love Fiskars! As a kindergarten teacher, we always recommended Fiskars because although they were safe for small children, they cut wonderfully!

  29. Donna Whitten says:

    What a wonderful prize pack from a great company! I love their products, my craft room is full of them! Got my fingers crossed!

    • Pat Hannack says:

      I love Fiskar products..they are always quality and preform when ever needed. I have a pair of scissors from one of the 1st year I was crafting. It still is as sharp and I never have to worry that it won’t cut correctly

  30. Becca Y says:

    Wow, I didn’t know Fiskars has been around THAT long!! I can see why – they’re products are awesome and I have lots. The Woodland Party stamp set looks so fun!!

  31. Barbara L. says:

    I love Fiskars! My first paper trimmer was from Fiskars and I still use it today! Great quality products! Would love this prize pack!

  32. Susan Becker says:

    LOVE FISKARS scissors & products!!! I would love to win this Freebie Friday to put these products to god use!!!

  33. Dawn Simpson says:

    WOW!!!! This is such a generous giveaway. This would be a card maker’s dream to win. Sean you can stop by anytime and have a craft day with me. LOL

  34. Jan Carros says:

    I am a multi craft crafter. Good scissors are a must and my go to!! It is also the one craft tool that can make a crafter go crazy if someone makes the mistake of using improperly! You can tell it has happened a time or two, right?

  35. Cyndi Dominick says:

    You said you are jealous and would be over to craft with the winner — Well, I’m ready to win and you are welcome!!

  36. Bonnie Shaul says:

    I love Friskars, All my scissors are friskars, regular scissors cut into my knuckles when I use them.

  37. Amy Marshall says:

    I love Fiskars, they have great products! Wonderful prize. Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Jozan Holdren says:

    Fiskars are Great! This is a Fantastic Prize…. I would love to win all these goodies. Love to have new scissors and new stamps & accessories! Thank you for the chance.

  39. Marie Beronius says:

    I Love Fiskars, they have great products and they last long time. Would love to win this fabulous price

  40. Pauline Cotiere says:

    Fiskars makes the best cutting products Dies aren’t always available in card making and fussy cutting is sometimes necessary. Thank you for creating such a wide variety of products to choose from

    • Kemberlei Joe-Banks says:

      My first pair of crafting scissors and paper trimmer are Fiskars. It’s the brand that has been used for years in my family. I can always count on my Fiskars✂️

    • Cathy R says:

      I LOVE Fiskars, they have such a great variety of products. My favorite pair to use for fussy cutting or small details is a pair of Fiskars!!

  41. Megan D. Eagan says:

    Classic tools for all Crafters.
    I love my papertrimmer and scissors; hope to win more!

  42. Mary Gagnon says:

    I love Fiskars products! My sewing scissors are not to be touched except to Fabric! I’ve had them about 30 years! I’m from Canada, but I do have a US address!

  43. Miriam Beckwith says:

    I love Fiskars! I still have a lot of the patterned scissors and pull them out from time to time.

  44. TONYA A PEMBER says:

    Fiskars is a staple in my craftroom and have shown themselves to be quality products, Pick Me! Pick me!

  45. Yvette Williams says:

    What an awesome prize. Cant go wrong with Fiskars products. Love to use those scissors.

  46. Binnie Baumgartner says:

    I got the new style stamping blocks at the Expo in Chantilly and found them much easier to use with the arthritis in my hands than the traditional ones.

    • Bethany LaFontaine says:

      What an amazing prize! To me Fiskars is to scissors like Kleenex is to facial tissues. When I need something that cuts, from kids scissors to gardening shears, there’s never a question of what brand I’ll purchase!

  47. Rhonda McKenzie says:

    I Love everything I have of Fiskars!!
    Thank you for this Prize opportunity!!
    Can’t wait for the Duluth, GA Expo!!

  48. Karla says:

    Such a coincidence…..I met a gal at Expo who was the first person I knew that had a pair of Fiskars scissors that had a “Fiskateer” number on it. I got mine many moons again, but I’d never known anyone else that had a pair. So cool!

  49. Rosann Barnes says:

    WOW what a cool Freebie Giveaway ! I have loved Fiskar for years ( actually partial to Fiskar) ; sewing scissors, embroidery scissors etc. When I first started scrapbooking many years ago my tools were all Fiskars 🙂 I own all the decorative scissors and the storage bag ! I’d always tell my friends ” can’t go wrong with Fiskars ! “

  50. Kim Veevers says:

    Love this stamping prize pack! Would be so much fun to use with all my stamps and crafting

  51. Gladys Hernandez says:

    I own so many of your products, been a fan my whole life. I will buy no other scissors or cutting mats

  52. Gladys Hernandez says:

    I own so many of your products, been a fan my whole life. I will buy no other scissors or cutting mats… please enter me in your sweepstakes

  53. Andre M. says:

    Fab brand and prize package. Fiskars was the first paper trimmer I bought when I started crafting.

  54. Karthika says:

    Oh god this is the best freebie. I love Fiskars. Most of my tools are Fiskars for both sewing and crafting. I would love to have this one also …❤❤

  55. Jeanne Beam says:

    I love Fiskar’s products! I can’t even how many punches, cutters and stamps that I own by this wonderful company.
    Thanks for a chance to win….

  56. Malinda says:

    This is a great prize! Fiskars has the best scissors, the stamps and blocks I’m sure will be great. I would love to try them.

  57. Talara says:

    I had a Fiskars paper trimmer for 25 years that I used for everything! Somehow it went missing 5 months ago & I can’t find a replacement🙁😢😪😥. I purchased a newer model but took it back- just not the same! My heart is broken 💔 I used it for projects with both my girls. Winning this prize package would help fill the void!

  58. Sandi Dailey says:

    I love, love my Total Control® Non-stick Precision Scissors — and would love to win these fabulous product. Thank you for offering!!

  59. Kathleen MacDonald says:

    I’ve been wanting the acrylic stamp set for awhile, sure would be nice to win it along with all the other goodies!

  60. Allison Moskowitz says:

    Fiskars is always top notch quality products, love it! Thanks for the chance to win

  61. Carol Coleman says:

    Fiskars is a fantastic product. Quality is what the offer. I’ve tried other cutting tools but come back to Fiskars.

  62. Marty R. says:

    This is a great gift package! I love my mini non stick scissors so winning a full size pair would be awesome. Thank you for offering this prize.

  63. Deb Green says:

    I love Fiskars! I’ve used their products for 40 years, and they have excellent, responsive customer service.

  64. Lucky Lea says:

    Would love to win this fiskars set! Would be a great addition to my fiskars paper trimmer and rotary cutter!

  65. Jean Breaux says:

    love my Fiskars , i use the paper trimmer all the time in scrapbooking , i bought my first Fiskar’s products when i was sewing my kids clothes when they were younger , now mainly for my scrapbooking , or for cutting hair , the scissors maintain there sharp edges for a long time …


    Fiskars is my go to brand for scissors, paper cutters, and am excited to see they make dies too!

    • Lisa H says:

      Been using Fiskars for sewing for 3 generations. I love their craft supplies equally as much as their sewing. Fiskars means quality! Thanks for the chance to win

  67. Mary Holshouser says:

    Love the fiskars. Won’t let anyone touch mine. The stamps are cute. Thanks for the chance to win this fun package.

  68. Karen Critcher says:

    Ooooo lala what a stupendous giveaway! My husband keeps using MY scissors for his personal projects. I warned him the next pair of scissors I get will never leave my clutches and if I find them somewhere they shouldn’t be, he better run! Fiskars products are always of high quality. My mother used Fiskars and so do I.

  69. Denise Bryant says:

    Awesome products from Fiskars! I have had my little 5 inch scissors for so many years, and they still cut just like they’re new!

  70. Janet Mack says:

    I have had my orange handled scissors for over 40 years. They are my favorite fabric scissors.

  71. Jaimi B says:

    I just love that little house! Fiskars tools are always great quality. Thanks for the chance at a great giveaway!

  72. Elizabeth Stamps says:

    I love Fiskars brand. My love for it started with me buying my first pair of fabric shears and has grown to craft scissors and paper crafting items. I would so love this and thanks for offering it.

  73. Beth Johnson says:

    This is an amazing set! I never have any problems with my cutter I have! Love it! Thank you

  74. SK says:

    I will use these products with my mom who had a massive stroke. Card making is great OT for her, and she loves to do it! Thank you for the opportunity to win these products!

  75. Angela T says:

    I love discard products. I have a couple of their lunches and a scissor and everything is great quality!!

  76. SHIRLEY says:

    Use them all the time. I lose them [ I think my family takes them and don’t want to give them back] before they wear out.

  77. Nancy says:

    This is a great set!! I’d love to win anything Fiskars! The stamp sets would make the cutest cards!

  78. Eleanor Fleck says:

    Love Fiskars scissors. Haven’t tried their stamps yet but would like to win this package. Thanks for the opportunity.

  79. Angie G. says:

    What a wonderful prize, someone will be very lucky to win this. Fiskars always has quality products.

    • Debra Atkinson says:

      I love my Fiskars products. They are top notch and reliable. I’d love to win this package. You can never have too many fiskars!!

  80. Cynthia Baldwin says:

    My Fiskars trimmer and scissors have lasted for years. Good quality products, and I’m intrigued by these interactive stamps. Thanks for the chance to win!

  81. Diane Fitch says:

    Absolutely wonderful give-away package, thank you Fiskars! Your product are great for the crafter and homeowner!

  82. Laurie Brown says:

    Fiskars is a great product line, which I love. I would be thrilled to win this prize package. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  83. Lynn Ekstrom says:

    WOW!! Whoever wins this prize package will be very lucky indeed! I love, love, love Fiskars.

  84. Tracey Mossow says:

    Fiskars always make products you can depend on. Fiskars makes it easy to be frisky during crafting. Love your stuff.

  85. Sharon Robinson says:

    Iconic FISKARS! My grandmother would be so busy creating. There have been FISKARS indoor home for as many years as I can remember…and don’t you dare use my fabric FISKARS to cut anything except fabric 😉

  86. Marti Campbell says:

    I have recently started to use a cutting machine to make cards and paper flowers. I have a small collection of stamps as I am just now starting to be more creative with stamps. I like to give my cards personality and individuality and I feel the prize from fiskars can help me achieve that goal.

  87. Janet Rivera says:

    As a teacher, I knew Fiskars was the only way to go. Now as a crafter, the same holds true- Fiskars all the way.!

  88. Susan Malone says:

    Love Fiskers !!! I use the roller cutter for my fleece knotted blankets… makes cutting fabric a breeze… I’d love to win!! 💕👏💕👏💕

  89. Donna Andrews says:

    I absolutely love Fiskars! Their trimmers are so easy to use. I would be thrilled to win this prize package!!

  90. Amalia Montano says:

    Fiskars makes the best craft products! I have several trimmers and scissors. This is a great prize pack!

  91. Jean Maxwell says:

    I love my Friskars products, would love to enlarge my collection. Thanks for the chance to win

  92. Patricia Palys says:

    Some of these products are new to me. I’d love to win this package for my cardmaking and scrapbooking projects!

  93. Carrie P. says:

    Fiskars products are my go to and now my kids favorite. Still using several original products and they are hanging strong! Many new Fiskars products I would love to try.

  94. Barby says:

    You always know you are getting quality products when you purchase Fiskars brand! I like to buy items that I know will last me a long time and Fiskars fits that perfectly.

  95. Tena Diliberto says:

    I love Fiscars products. I have been using them for years. Their trimmers are the best!

  96. Ashley says:

    I have used many different Fiskars products before, my Mom has used you scissors for quilting for years and I followed her great taste in my own crafting. This is such a wonderful prize, thank you for the opportunity to win!

  97. Kim kenley says:

    What a wonderful prize. I just recently purchased the stamping squares and love them so much more than the thick blocks. Maybe I can win some more?

  98. Ronda R strong says:

    Wow…thats a GREAT PRIZE!!! I grew up crafting with Fiskars and I’m still a loyal customer/fan. Such a great quality product for ANYTHING that needs to be cut, pinked, sliced, punched… the list continues. Oh to win this prize!!! The fun I would have!!!

  99. Sharon Steele says:

    Love my Fiskers. They are so dependable. Hope I win this prize. It is definitely a party in a box!

  100. Jenny K says:

    I love everything Fiskars, especially my four paper trimmers that I have acquired over the past 16 years and won’t give up. This is a really cool set.

  101. Deborah Burke Johnson says:

    I love Fiskars. I have 3 pair of scissors and 2 paper trimmers. I keep 1 pair of scissors in my purse at all times. I’m a Girl Scout Volunteer. Our motto is be prepared.

  102. Charlen says:

    Amazing giveaway…..I’ll be in Marlboro Massachusetts at the expo I can’t wait 😃👍

  103. Patricia Luebbe Morton says:

    I’ve been using Fiskars products forever! Trimmer, scissors, punches, oh my!!!

  104. Julie Herron says:

    Fiskars equal quality! I have been buying their products all my life! My grandma taught me how to sew and crochet and she bought me my first pair of fiskar scissors! My accumulation of fiskar products increases each year!

  105. Lisa Johnson says:

    Who doesn’t love Fiskars! I have several Fiskars and love them all! This would be a great addition for my collection.

    • Fay says:

      Fiskare products are AMAZING!!! What an incredible prize package! I would LOVE to add all of that to my “stash”!!!

  106. gabriella rollins says:

    I’ve always used Fiskars scissors for my sewing, and love my Fiskars paper trimmer. Great products, I’d love to win more! Thanks for the opportunity!

  107. Jean Stangler says:

    I love Fiskars! Love their scissors especially the small es that have a gray grip helps my hands. I only have Fiskat cutters for scrapbooking!

  108. JAN ANGLEMYER says:

    HOW FANTASTIC! A CHANCE TO WIN FISKARS PRODUCTS! Would love to win this prize. I love your products and own many, but not these.

  109. Maria Ocasio says:

    I would love to this win this prize!! I love the quality and design of Fiskars products!!

  110. Cindy C says:

    Wow, what a prize pack, especially the scissors! I didn’t even know Fiskars had stamp sets.

  111. Joanne Nakata says:

    ooohhh One of my favorite craft tool companys. Would love to win, but whoever does ENJOY the products.

  112. Barbara-Jean says:

    This is actually a company I know, like, and have products from! Would be very happy to win this prize!

  113. Wendy says:

    Fishers can never disappoint me always a great products look forward to what they have to offer!

  114. Jean marmo says:

    I have many loved Fiskars tools and would love to add the newest to my collection! Thank you for the wonderful opportunity

  115. Karen Harding says:

    I have used Fiskars products for years. Their scissors are the best out there. I am starting to get into stamping and card making and this prize would be awesome to win. Thank you.

  116. Kim Vogt says:

    I saw the new (or new to me) Total Control Fiskars scissors at a Renegade Craft show last weekend in Brooklyn – they were fantastic!. I would love to win this generous prize package!

  117. Melissa Midgett-Sullivan says:

    I love fiskars my first paper trimmer is still going strong… My birthday is the 6th this would be a awesome gift…

  118. jean magarrell says:

    Fiskars are the Bomb!!!!!! Use everything I can with your products and could use some more!!!!

  119. Ivette Contreras says:

    Oh I would love that stamp block set. I’m new to scrapbooking and I’ve been wanting one of those. I also can’t wait to attend the expo!!!

  120. Jessica Dawkins says:

    Totally worth paying for, but, I wouldn’t be opposed to receiving them for free! Oh, the things I could make!

  121. Annemarie Julian says:

    Such a fantastic give away. I would love the opportunity to play with all these tools!

  122. Denise M. Mathis says:

    I’m new to Freebie Fridays and I’m excited to enter for next week’s prize. I’ve used many brands of scissors, over the years, but always returned to Fiskars for durability and ease on my hand; but just last year I bought my first paper punch by Fiskars, and decided I’ll never buy another brand – it’s so much easier on the hand and the shapes cut out sharp and clean.

  123. Vanessa Akers says:

    I can still remember my very first pair of Fiskars scissors! My mom bought them for me for my seventh grade Home Ec class. I was absolutely thrilled that I finally had my own pair of scissors I could actually use without being yelled at. You know you never touch your mom’s fabric scissors. LOL Fast forward many decades, and I am still a loyal Fiskars Fan!

  124. Lori Griner says:

    Fiskars makes the very best products!!! I don’t have any of the ones they are giving away, though…would love to have them!!!!!!!!

  125. Nicole Surguy says:

    I LOVE Fiskars! I have a different pair to use in the garden, crafting, cooking & general use! You can’t go wrong w/ Fiskars… unless it’s not!😏

  126. Pricilla Snyder says:

    Fiskars works with all my crafting needs. Love the scissors the most. Makes scrapbooking and card making easy. Oh, and don’t forget quilting,…go to suppy.

  127. Jean Ann Moale says:

    Fiskars products are FANTASTIC for crafting. We use their yard tools too!! Thx for this opportunity.

  128. Vicki Rozema says:

    Really nice prize package! These items would be nice to add to my other Fiskars tools. And the interactive stamp sets are so unique!

  129. Felecia P says:

    What a fantastic give away! I love and use Fiskars products everytime I scrapbook. Can’t live without! See ya in August.

  130. AllisonLP says:

    Fiskars is a brand I know, trust and love. I’ve been using Fiskars scissors, punches and paper trimmers for decades. I’ve been using the same paper trimmer for over a decade with no issues! That’s saying a lot, since it seems some products that are supposed to last for a lifetime are made to be disposable. Thanks for the chance to win high quality, long lasting, trusted, durable products!

  131. Sandra says:

    Left my paper trimmer at home after getting to a crop. Soo off to buy one, bought another brand that could not cut anything. Soo took back and got another Fiskars. Now have many and very happy, cuts spectacularly. Really want those new scissors that look like a bird to me!

  132. Lori Hatton says:

    Love, love, love Fiskars! Being a lefty they provide the only scissors that don’t hurt! Don’t CUT me outta this giveaway!

  133. Sandy Thompson says:

    Love fiskars,the coffers are so. Precise.Thank you for the chance to q this prize.

  134. Maritza says:

    I love Fiskar products! I have many that I use already but would love to add this giveaway prize to my collection.

  135. Allison Lafferty says:

    I love fiskars!!and I would love a chance to try their stamps, thank you so much for a chance to win.

  136. Amy Cooley says:

    I wasn’t aware that that Fiskars made stamp blocks and stamp sets. How cool! Thanks for the great prize giveaway!

  137. Carol D. says:

    What a super prize package! Anyone would love to get this (pick me!). Fiskars has been my fav for many years, even before crafting. You’ll find several orange handles around my home.

  138. Mary V. says:

    What a fantastic gift. I just bought a Fiskars gnome stamp set that I just love. The little house and party set would look so cute with it. Thank you Fiskars for such a generous gift!

  139. Cheryl Lyman says:

    When you say “Fiskars” the first few things that come to mind is orange and innovation. They are not afraid to step outside the box and create something new. I have loved their products (some more than others) these past 25 to 30 years as my skill for crafting improved as did my Fisher products. I would love to win this product package and see what I can create.

  140. Gina says:

    Fiskars is awesome, they have been around for as long as I can remember and have always been my go to for cutting. Great prize would love to win!

  141. Marlene Lawson says:

    ALL my cutting tools are Friskars!! Love, love them and would love, love this package. Thank you!!

    • Teresa Robeson says:

      I started will Fiskars when I was in high school in home economics class. The teachers gave a list for us to buy and after buying those scissors for cutting fabric, I have never used any other kind. That was back in the late 70’s. Love Fiskars.

  142. Kelly says:

    Fiskars consistently makes top quality products. Their scissors and cutters are my go-to tools for perfect crafting. Now their creative stamping products complete my “today’s” creative base. Tomorrow…Fiskars is the limit! Love this package would love to own this. Thank you for the opportunity. ❤️

  143. Sharon O says:

    Fiskars products are staples in my craft room as well as my home in general! And before I retired, I used Fiskars scissors in my classroom too! This is an extraordinary prize package that I’d love to win, even though I have a few of the items. You can NEVER have enough Fiskars products to go around

  144. Regina Vogel says:

    Fiskars rock! My first craft scissor, cutting board , etc. we’re Fiskars, so I’m a long time fan. Would love a chance to get their latest tools!

  145. Julie says:

    Fiskars is great! I have several trimmers and punches and stamps and… Thanks for the opportunity to win more!

  146. karenajo says:

    What a super prize package ! Fiskars has so many great products and I have several of them that I use quite often!

  147. kimgyu says:

    Awesome giveaway! Thanks, Fiskars! There is no company better for cutting tools than you. Fiskars is definitely my go-to tools!

  148. Melissa Lopez says:

    This prize looks amazing! I have a few Fiskars products and they are fantastic.
    Sean, you’re totally welcome to craft with me if I win 🙂

  149. Lisa hammer says:

    Fiskars means quality. We have used their scissors for sewing for 3 generations. Their craft supplies are equally as good. I would love to win this package

  150. Stephanie Rodgers says:

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! If there is one prize I could ever win here, THIS WOULD BE IT!!! I love Fiskars, and their customer service is impeccable! I’m heading over there right now to get a better look at this stamp block positioner, and the total control sissors! Please, please, pleeeeease! Pick me!!!

  151. Marilu Grant says:

    Great tools and just what I need to finish cards for a cancer fundraiser. Thanks for the opportunity to add them to my craft area.

  152. Melissa Morales says:

    I love Fiskars. Such a great company. They stand by their products like no other. This is a wonderful prize. I’d be overjoyed to own win this. Thank you Fiskars, SS Expo and you Sean!

  153. Meghan Kennihan says:

    Congrats Danielle! I LOVE FISKARS! It was my first paper cutter and I have kept with it!

  154. Carol Kritzer says:

    Those scissors look interesting! And I did not know that Fiskars made stamps…what a perfect match!

  155. ava gavloski says:

    Thank you Scrapbook expo for teaming up with leaders within our community. We all appreciate learning the features showcased of quality companies.

  156. Patricia Miller says:

    Love Fiskars!! I would be lost without my Fiskars big cutter and would be ecstatic to win this!!

  157. Cindy Redmond says:

    I started using Fiskars back in the mid 1970’s. I’ve been a fan ever since! This would be an amazing prize package to win.

  158. Diann R White says:

    I love Fiskars products for both scrapbooking and quilting. It would be wonderful to win even more.

  159. Jenell Mueller says:

    I love Fiskars. This is an amazing prize pack & would be so awesome to win. Oh the things I could make. Thank you for the chance to win this!

  160. Kristine Mylett says:

    Fiskars are Fabulous!! My best paper trimmer and scissors are fiskars. Great prize pack!!

  161. Barbara says:

    Fiskars are AWESOME products!! Always looking for the “orange” when my craft table is covered with my project! Pick me! Picked me! Would LOVE to win. And thank you for making such wonderful products too!

  162. Barbara Varnadore says:

    Fiskars are AWESOME products!! Always looking for the “orange” when my craft table is covered with my project! Pick me! Picked me! Would LOVE to win. And thank you for making such wonderful products too!

  163. Tee says:

    Would love to win and share the experience with my support group. Quality product and customer . Al the best to the possible winners.

  164. Vivian C. says:

    Fiskars tools are the best! A day doesn’t go by without me using my Fiskars scissors. I’m intrigued by the Total Control Scissors. Would love to give them a try. What an awesome prize.

  165. Karen Chester says:

    I too love Frisker products. I had no idea they have been around for 250 years. I might have a pair of sizzers that are that old (just kidding). Everything they do is first rate. I’d love to win their prize package…the little house looks so cute.

  166. Stephanie says:

    Total control scissors! Wow. A perfect prize all by itself, not to mention the other goodies. Thanks, Fiskars

  167. Kathryn Monroe says:

    What a lovely prize–hard working tools and charming stamps! What a great giveaway, I hope I am the lucky winner!

  168. Sharla H. says:

    This would be a great package to win. I love Fiskars products as I have been using their scissors for years and won’t cut fabric or paper with any other scissors.

  169. Ilene says:

    Fiskars is one of the few long lasting tried and and true scrapbooker’s friend! Love their products!

  170. Edwina Brown says:

    I love Fiskars products. They are the best for cutting. I would love so much to have a stamp positioner and try their stamps. Thanks Fiskars for this prize pack this week. Sure hope I win it.

  171. Linda Campbell says:

    Thank you Fiskars for the chance for a wonderful prize. I am a scrapbooker, card maker and have sewn most of my adult life. Fiskars has always been my tools of choice. I sewed for my children and now my grandchildren. I will always use Fiskars products. They are the best.