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Cropping at Scrapbook Expo

Are you brand new to scrapbooking or paper crafting and don’t know what people are talking about when they say “I’m going to the crop?”  Or are you a veteran scrapbooker with crops scheduled in your calendar every month?  Either way, we are sure that there is something about Scrapbook Expo crops that may be […]


12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

  Check back each day at 6pm to see if YOU are one of our Lucky Daily Winners! Click Here To Enter All winners will be notified by email within 48 hours. Day 12 – Faber-Castell Winners: Patty Brown Karine Tatard Murray Lindsay Lamers Lisa Privett Seeley Theresa Gozdur Barbara Sharp Ramona Montano Colleen Karin […]

Win a Scrapbook Armoire at Scrapbook Expo!

Where do you scrapbook?  Are you confined to the corner of your kitchen table?  Or are you lucky enough to have a whole room dedicated to your hobby? Either way, finding a place for  your cherished hobby can be challenging.  Making your space look tidy and inviting can be down right impossible! If you have […]

Frankenweenie “Sparky” Cake

Do you ever stumble across something creative and find yourself stopped in your tracks at the talent needed to create such an amazing finished project?  That’s how I felt about this cake.  I found myself reading every word of the blog post.  I hope you are as impressed as I was with this adorable Halloween […]

Best Halloween Cupcakes

We just couldn’t resist posting all the wonderful Halloween cupcakes and other treats we found.  Enjoy! Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: Photo from: