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Crackle Easter Egg

It is hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner.  It is time to start thinking about Easter Dinner and our table decorations.  This beautiful egg is the perfect vintage decor.  Put one, two, or even three of these with some candles and wow – breathtaking!  I would like to say Thank You […]


Witches Hat

Witch hats always seem to complete the Halloween decorations.  Need a spooky witch hat to add to your decorations?  If so you will want to make one of these amazing hats just using your scrapbook paper and a few embellishments.  This charming hat was created by Kristin Courtney at Paper Creations.  Be sure and check […]

Mummified Gauzy Glow Pumpkin Halloween Decoration

This is such a cute idea we found on Pinterest from Better Homes and Gardens! Mummify a Halloween pumpkin with strips of cheesecloth and glow-in-the-dark paint.                     Materials: Cheesecloth Scissors Fabric stiffener Artificial pumpkin Glue gun and hotmelt adhesive 1-inch googly eyes Crafts knife Black acrylic […]