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Hello and welcome back fellow crafters. Sean here to share with you a new challenge we have introduced at the crop! If you’ve been to one of our crops so far this year you may have met Mandy Koeppen, she is one of our FABULOUS new team members in the crop! Mandy has come up with a challenge for the croppers to help get you out of a creative block, get you inspired to get crafting, or just to have fun!!

What is this challenge?!? Glad you asked!! Mandy hands out a recipe card to any cropper who wants to participate. This recipe card has all the elements needed for you to create an amazing scrapbook layout or card for our card makers, and gives you about an hour and a half to complete. Once everyone has turned in their projects we decide as a team a winner for each challenge, one layout winner and one card maker winner, for an awesome prize! How FUN is that!?!?!

Here are some of the AMAZING projects submitted and winners!

Milwaukee Crop:








Florida Crop:





Puyallup, WA Crop:



Make sure you come check out all the fun we are having in the crop!!



Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

See you in the crop!!

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6 thoughts on “At the Crop with Sean

  1. Sharon O says:

    What a clever idea! This really emphasizes the creative aspect of the project and levels the playing field for all participants. Maybe I need to do a crop!

  2. Kim says:

    This is a good idea! Too bad I missed that at the Santa Clara Expo last weekend! If I make it to Sacramento I will have to be on the lookout for it!

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