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Hello and welcome back fellow crafters! Sean here to share with you some of the amazing things that go on in the crop! Our croppers are hard core….working on their projects for up to 15 hours a day for 2-3 days and bringing soo much stuff to work on! I just LOVE them all!!


So how are these croppers to the rescue!?! Well at the show in Pomona I had a little issue. Let me explain…my husband, much like a lot of others, is the worlds biggest procrastinator! So for important dates like his families birthday’s or anniversary’s I have to load these in my calendar and set a reminder 1 week ahead of time so that I can remind him. While I was setting up for the Pomona crop I got a notification that his parents 59th Anniversary was coming up! How exciting!! Normally I’d make a beautiful card for them but since I was spending the weekend with all these crafty people there was no time! Uh oh!!!

Cue the croppers…..I came up with an anniversary card making contest and shared my dilemma with my croppers. I gave them all the info they needed and an hour and a half to complete for those who choose to participate. An hour and a half later I had received some of the most beautiful cards I’d ever seen in my life!! Take a look below….

The first card is an explosion box card made by Michelle Isom and her mom Linda Magee. Isn’t it stunning!!



The next card was made by Nikki Turnour and was colored to look like a picture I showed her of them! She used Kindred Stamps. Super cute right!?!



The card on the left was made by Kathy Newlon and is just gorgeous and the card on the right was made by Barbara and was a whole table project. The ring box has a velvety feel to it as well like a real ring box! It’s amazing!


For the next two cards, the card on on the left is by Becky Hernandez, isn’t it beautiful!?! The card on the right is by Lisa Jones and has got this awesome vintage vibe, It’s gorgeous!


The next set was by Martha Palomo on the left and is soo beautiful and Holly Jackson on the right. It’s super cute, I love the stamps she used!


For the next set of cards, the card on the left is by the Scrappin Sistas and is just so beautiful! The card on the left is by Rochelle Becerra and is just stunning! I love the color story she used.


Last by not least, we have this beautiful card! The card maker didn’t write her name on the back of the card so I’m very sorry not to give credit. If this was your card, feel free to claim your amazing work in the comments section. It’s just gorgeous!


I hope you enjoyed these absolutely gorgeous cards as much as we have! I ended up not being able to choose just one to give to his parents, so they got ALL of them and told the story of how we acquired these stunning cards! They LOVED it!!! Thank you SOO much croppers!! You are all SOO amazing!!



Don’t forget that even when you are not attending a Stamp & Scrapbook Expo, you can always join us online.

See you in the crop!!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks for the call out Sean! You are sweet as pie! Can hardly wait for Mesa!!! XOXO

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