Saturday With LeAnn

Thank You

Welcome back my friends, and thank you for sharing a part of your Saturday with me.  I have been collecting some really fun projects to share with you.  I hope today will be another inspirational day for you and that you can take time this weekend to create some wonderful projects of your own.  So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Dare To Dream By Riikka Kovasin

Today I have a fabulous layout to share that was created by Riikka Kovasin. She took inspiration from arrows and a dream catcher. I love this layout! Can’t you just see a photo of your dad, husband, son, or even a grandson on this layout?  Perfect for Father’s Day!

Dare To Dream

When creating a layout, the photo itself is the major guide to your process.  Have you ever noticed that when using a photo that is black and white, or with very little color, that it really emphasizes the faces in the photo?  I love the outstanding job that Riikka did on this layout and it really tells a story!  Click here and I will take you over Elizabeth Crafts and Designs where you will find a full step-by-step tutorial on how Riikka put this layout together.  Be sure and check out her blog Paperiliitin where you are sure to be inspired by Riikka’s outstanding projects.

Thank You By Melody Rupple

Today’s card is a perfect way to say thank you.  I just love how Melody incorporated some of today’s trends of watercoloring, ink blending, and stamping.  This card really pulls out all the charm of a shaker card.  Simple add some different elements to create your own personal shaker card.  Wouldn’t you love to be the one to receive this adorable card?

Thank You

I instantly fell in love with this adorable card.  Since shaker cards are quite the trend now, be sure and pop on over to Pretty Pink Posh where you will find all kinds of elements to add to your card. Melody really did a fabulous job creating this darling card.  The fun spring colors make it such a ray of sunshine!  Come with me and I will take you on over to A Paper Melody where you will see all the different products that Melody used.  Remember to step outside your traditional style.  Look at your project in a different way, and try something new.  Have fun creating!

Upcycled Drawer By Christy K. James

What a creative storage solution for your silverware!  Instead of being in a drawer and taking up valuable drawer space, create a new silverware organizer.  I am sure you can find access to an old dresser drawer at a thrift store, a garage sale, or maybe a dresser you want to get rid of.  If you are anything like me and love mason jars, this is just one more way of using them and showing them off.

Upcycled Drawer

I just love the way that Christy painted and distressed this old drawer to make it look vintage.  How adorable to sit on a hutch and use as a decor piece for your kitchen.   Are you as excited about this as I am?  Let’s get started and find that old drawer to start recycling it into a storage unit!  Come with me on over to Confessions Of A Serial Do It Yourselfer where you will see a step-by-step tutorial on how Christy created her drawer.  There is nothing more fun than to create and transform an old object into something beautiful and functional.  Hope this has inspired you as much as it did myself.  I can hardly wait to jump in and make one of these for my kitchen!

Key Lime Cheesecake Jaclyn Bell

This thick and creamy key lime cheesecake is the perfect combination of sweet and tart!  You know it is a perfect dessert when it gets a lot of requests to be made.  This recipe is not only delicious, it is also so beautiful, and is a WOW to anyone who has a slice!

Key Lime Pie

We all need to treat ourselves once in awhile, and this is definitely the perfect bright summery cheesecake to make for any of your summer celebrations.  You will be the hit of your summer gatherings.  Click here and I will take you over to Cooking Classy where you will be able to write down the recipe and ingredients.  I promise you that this will be your all time favorite cheesecake!  As a lover of cheesecake in all it’s flavors and forms, this key lime cheesecake has completely stolen my heart!

As always, I appreciate being able to spend some time with you today.  I hope you have been inspired by today’s post and that you have a wonderful week ahead of you.  Enjoy this beautiful weather and I will see you back next Saturday!

Hugs to all,


Sundays With Lorraine

Hello, my crafty friends and welcome back to Weekly Scrapper! Since you’re here that must mean that you’re ready for today’s creative therapy, so grab your favorite drink and let’s get started.

Brilliant Shaker Set Layouts By Nicole Nowosad

Shaker cards are currently all the rage, so I thought you might be inspired to take those shaker elements to the next level and use them on your scrapbook layouts. I instantly fell in love with these adorable layouts that I discovered on Queen & Co’s Blog and knew I had to share the love.

Now that your creative mind is spinning with all the wonderful ways you can use shaker elements, click here and I’d be happy to escort you over to Queen & Co’s site so you can check out all the amazing treasures they have to offer. Be prepared to be amazed; their toppings are definitely candy for the eyes.  Everything coordinates perfectly and their shaker cards and elements are as easy as 1,2,3 – pop, fill and cover. While you’re in the neighborhood, check out the camera kit, it’s so stinkin’ adorable. You’re going to love em all.

Hello There By Barbara Andrews

Barbara had me at heat embossing and water coloring, I love this technique – it’s a very showy look and makes it oh-so-easy to create stunning backgrounds. I was also inspired by how the sentiment was created. Barbara heat embossed the “Hello” on vellum then die cut the word “there” out of black cardstock and adhered it to the vellum after adding some rolled up silk thread for added interest. Way to go, Barbara!  Thanks for being such a constant inspiration to your fellow paper crafters.

Bright bold colors have always been a challenge for me, I’m more a shabby chic/vintage kind of girl, but I do love a good challenge. Challenges that force us to step outside of our comfort zone are a great way to enhance our creativity. If we don’t play with our toys and step outside the box we will never know what we are capable of. For more detail on how this festive card came together, click here and I will take you over to Barbara’s blog Paper Pursuits so you can follow along.

How to Make a Tray from a Frame

There is something magical about creating something beautiful out of an item that most people see as trash. Many crafters possess the gift of seeing the beauty of what could be and thrive on the creative challenge of transforming it into something functional as well as beautiful. I fell in love with this shabby chic tray made from an old (and I must say pretty ugly) picture frame,  I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this tray if I discovered it at an antique store or craft fair. Making it for next to nothing really spoke to me and I hope it inspires you as well.

One person trash is another crafter’s treasure! If you don’t happen to have a frame or two laying around the house you can check out your local thrift stores or garage sales for inexpensive frames. Sometimes the hunt is as fun as creating the project. Have fun, my crafty friends!

Balsamic Chicken With Roasted Veggies

Are you looking for an easy, delicious and healthy dinner to cook tonight? (Who isn’t, right?)  You are going to love this chicken recipe that I discovered on one of my favorite food blogs Skinny Taste. This recipe is definitely lighter on calories yet big on flavor. For all you Weight Watcher fans, you’ll be happy to know this recipe counts as 8 points and has a mere 401 calories. Not to scare you, but summer is right around the corner and that means buying a new bathing suit. I don’t know about you, but I’m not ready to go there yet! Hugs to Gina for taking the guess work out of eating healthier.


I know it’s hard to believe but with a little help from our friend Gina, you can have this yummy dinner on the table in about half an hour. Gina truly is a master in the kitchen and has proven that it doesn’t have to be painful to eat healthier.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have a wonderfully creative week ahead of you. See you next Sunday or if you happen to be in the Puyallup, WA  area next weekend (June 2nd & 3rd) I’ll be at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo and would love to meet you in person. I’ll meet you at the Creativity Center and we can create something beautiful together. Hugs to all!.

Tip of the Day: Melissa Frances Turns Trash Into Treasure

As a crafter, you are likely a big fan of the Trash-to-Treasure concept. It’s in our blood! We can’t look at something without wondering, “What can I create out of this?”! Today we have Melissa Frances here to share an adorable home décor piece that was made from an empty ribbon spool. You’re gonna love it!

I hope you’ve been inspired to look at your trash in a new light. Be sure to stop by the Melissa Frances website and blog anytime you need some inspiration!

Thanks for the visit and I hope you have a very creative day.

City Lights Lampshade

Being a crafter that truly enjoys a good upcycling project, I thought you would enjoy this beautiful Cityscape Lampshade that I discovered on the Just Crafty Enough blog. Turning something that would typically be thrown away into a useful and “oh-so-pretty!” home décor piece really makes my heart sing.

City Lights Lampshade

Would you believe that this was a lampshade that was about to be thrown away? With a little spray paint, a pin, and a few additional supplies this inexpensive, almost retired lampshade was given a new life. This project is all about using what you already have on hand.  As you can see, a dark color works best so that when the light shines through the holes the design really pops.

If you want to change the color of your lampshade you will want to do that step first. Next, print out or draw the design that you want to show through your lampshade. Tape it to the shade using a low tack tape, like painters’ tape or even washi tape (if you’re a paper crafter I know you have some in your stash!). Using your pin or paper piercer, poke holes along the outline of your design. Finally, remove the tape and paper pattern. All that’s left is to enjoy your beautiful lampshade.

I hope you’ve been inspired to give this fun project a try.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a very creative day!


dae541ae-f126-4308-b21b-88bd3b139389_400 1075472

Supplies Used (Not Shown)

  • Design For Lampshade
  • Lampshade
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Paint Brush

Recycling with Melissa Frances

As a crafter you are most likely a big fan of the Trash to Treasure concept. It’s in our blood. We can’t look at something without wondering what can I create out of this %^#*…Well today we have Melissa Frances here to share an adorable home decor piece that was made from an empty ribbon spool.

I hope today’s tip has inspired you to look at things you might normally throw away as a new challenge for your next project. Be sure to stop by the Melissa Frances website where you will always find an amazing selection of shabby chic treasures. You can also visit the Melissa Frances Team in person at many of our Scrapbook Expo events.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you have a very creative day!

Christmas Stockings Made from Sweaters

How is your Christmas decorating coming?  Have you made anything Christmassy yet?  This is a perfect project to get you in the holiday spirit. If you don’t need an extra stocking for your mantel these are perfect to use in place of a gift bag. A little bonus a gift within a gift.

We found this project on a blog called The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.  Make sure to stop by.


      First  lay your sweater inside out on a flat surface.


You can use a stocking that you already have as a pattern or just free hand the size &  shape that you like.


Trace the shape and pin it so that the front and back of the sweater won’t shift while your sewing.


Then  machine stitch on the lines before cutting so that the sweater won’t unravel. Then  cut around the stitches.


 Finally turn the stocking right side out and you have the perfect hand crafted stocking.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Shabby Chic Tin Can Organizers

Who says you can’t have it all? 😉 I love everything about today’s inspiration piece. It’s a true trash to treasure story. From tin cans to these shabby chic, oh so cute organizers, just perfect for holding our small crafting tools, pens, brushes, etc.


This is where the fun starts, go into your scrapbook room & pick out a patterned paper that matches your decor. It could be any paper; on this project Viola used left over wrapping paper. So get creative, pull out misc embellishments, pieces of this & that, play with ribbons and fibers, buttons & bows and have fun with it. You can’t hurt it, remember it was yesterdays trash :-).


Isn’t this a great way to use those left over embellishments, broken jewelry, buttons, etc. Another great thing about this project is that you can adapt it to fit any style. I can also see this in bold fun colors on my daughters desk to help her organize. ;-).


So the next time you make a big pot of your wonderful pasta sauce & you have all those different sized tins cans, clean them up, make sure there aren’t any raw edges and have fun creating these one of a kind organizers. I’d like to thank Viola E author of the Shabby Chic Inspired Blog, I highly recommend stopping by her blog anytime you need some real inspiration.

Thanks for the visit, I hope you have a very creative day.