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Saturdays With LeAnn

Happy Halloween

Halloween already?!  How did October get here so quickly?  And now, not to mention, it is already half over!  My crafty friends, let’s just embrace it because, as many of you know, I absolutely love Halloween!  It is such a fun time of year and the projects are always so fun to create.  This year […]


Saturday With LeAnn

Thank You

Welcome back my friends, and thank you for sharing a part of your Saturday with me.  I have been collecting some really fun projects to share with you.  I hope today will be another inspirational day for you and that you can take time this weekend to create some wonderful projects of your own.  So […]

Sundays With Lorraine

Hello, my crafty friends and welcome back to Weekly Scrapper! Since you’re here that must mean that you’re ready for today’s creative therapy, so grab your favorite drink and let’s get started. Brilliant Shaker Set Layouts By Nicole Nowosad Shaker cards are currently all the rage, so I thought you might be inspired to take those shaker […]

Tip of the Day: Melissa Frances Turns Trash Into Treasure

As a crafter, you are likely a big fan of the Trash-to-Treasure concept. It’s in our blood! We can’t look at something without wondering, “What can I create out of this?”! Today we have Melissa Frances here to share an adorable home décor piece that was made from an empty ribbon spool. You’re gonna love […]

City Lights Lampshade

Being a crafter that truly enjoys a good upcycling project, I thought you would enjoy this beautiful Cityscape Lampshade that I discovered on the Just Crafty Enough blog. Turning something that would typically be thrown away into a useful and “oh-so-pretty!” home décor piece really makes my heart sing. Would you believe that this was a lampshade that was about […]

Recycling with Melissa Frances

As a crafter you are most likely a big fan of the Trash to Treasure concept. It’s in our blood. We can’t look at something without wondering what can I create out of this %^#*…Well today we have Melissa Frances here to share an adorable home decor piece that was made from an empty ribbon […]

Christmas Stockings Made from Sweaters

How is your Christmas decorating coming?  Have you made anything Christmassy yet?  This is a perfect project to get you in the holiday spirit. If you don’t need an extra stocking for your mantel these are perfect to use in place of a gift bag. A little bonus a gift within a gift. We found this project on […]