Copic Marker Storage Inspiration

One thing stays pretty much the same no matter which location the crop is at… storage.  We can all agree that for some of us organization is definitely not a strong point.  Some struggle with just how to organize all that great stuff, while the other majority seems to have it down to a science.

I’d like you to meet Steven.  Steven has been coming to Stamp & Scrapbook Expos for years, and not just one a year. He makes it to three of four Expos every year! The beautiful cards he creates first caught our eye at the crops, but we soon became mesmerized by his collection of Copic markers and then his organization of all his Copic markers!  A collection this vast is something to be proud of, and it definitely calls for some serious organization.

At home something permeant might be easy to commit to, but Steven likes to attend our crops, meet his friends, and go to craft parties.  He needed something that he would be able to travel with, something portable, something structured that he could have readily available.  Now if this set up doesn’t entail some major systematic planning, I don’t know what would.

When considering purchasing anything for our craft items we tend to ask ourselves a few questions.  First, is it practical?  Second, is it expensive?  Third, is it attractive?  The first and second questions can be overridden by the answer to the third question.  For Steven, this storage solution checked all the boxes he needed to be checked off!

Do you want to see this all packed up and ready to go to the next crop?  Michelle from the Crop Crew modeled it for us.

Did this leave you with enough inspiration to start getting organized? At least I know half of you are going to either get organized or buy some more Copic markers!  Both sound like a win/win for me!!

See you at the Crop!


Saturdays With LeAnn

Happy Easter

Happy spring, everyone!  And happy April Fool’s Day!  Another fabulous weekend is here and I hope you are enjoying warmer spring weather.  I thank each and everyone of you for sharing part of your day with me.  I have some wonderful inspirational projects to share from some very talented designers.  I hope you take the time to enjoy and create some of the fun projects I have to share.

Favorite Gardener By Missy Whidden

When you scrapbook it is a great joy to feel the fulfillment that comes from the projects you have created.  As scrapbookers, we know it is all about preserving and sharing memories for your family, friends, and future generations.  This masterpiece layout definitely showcases just how to beautifully capture a very special moment.

Favorite Gardener

With spring in the air; we soon will see many beautiful flowers, and Missy created her layout around a floral theme.  This is such a great way to break out those treasured scraps you have been hanging onto, and transform them into your beautiful layout.  Missy fussy cut flowers out of bright fun colors, and to contrast those colors she added some blue acrylic paint to white cardstock for the background.  For a full tutorial on how Missy created this adorable layout, click here and I will take you to her video.  Be sure to visit Little Nugget Creations blog where you will see more of Missy’s outstanding projects.  You will not want to miss out on any of her wonderful projects – it will be a real treat to follow her!

Happy Easter By Yana Smakula

Easter is not too far away so now is a good time to start making your Easter cards, from cute and cuddly to inspirational and elegant.  I love Easter and this time of the year.  When I came upon this adorable card created by Yana Smakula, I knew I just had to share it with you.  Pull out your favorite markers and Easter images and have some fun coloring and bringing that spring feeling into the air!

Happy Easter

I just love how creative you can get using kraft paper.  Today I want to share some step-by-step instructions given by Yana Smakula just by clicking here.  You will be able to make two of her spring cards as well as the Easter card, using the Spring Seeds stamp by Simon Says.  These are not only fun to create, but they are absolutely adorable.  Can you just imagine the look on the faces of the ones who will receive these darling cards?  Nothing is more priceless then receiving a handmade card that is delivered by mail from someone so special!

Office Memo Board By Ashely Broviak

This Wood Chicken Wire Memo Board is perfect for your office or any other room.  This fabulous memo board will be an eye-catching decor piece for your home.  Personalize it by adding photos, reminders, calendars, recipes, notes, some embellishments, or just some odds and ends for your entry display!  This is much more attractive than the good old cork board.  This would make such a great gift!

Office Memo Board

I just love the use of the clothespins to hang up wedding invitations and cards so they can be displayed and not just end up in a pile somewhere.  Click here and I would love to escort you over to the Little Glass Jar where you will find how to make one of your own.  A big thank you goes out to Ashely Broviak for sharing this outstanding project.  What a fun home decor item, along with some great organization!

Malted Coconut Cake By Country Living

This is an Easter dessert that is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth!  This beautiful cake will be the hit of your Easter dinner, not to mention how impressive it will look!  This cake is almost too pretty to eat (but also too delicious not to).  If you love coconut this is the cake for you!  This towering creation is loaded with coconut flavor.

Malted Coconut Cake

You can certainly put a spin on it for other spring occasions such as a Mother’s Day luncheon or even a fun baby shower.  Whatever the occasion is, this outstanding cake will become one of your favorite cake recipes.  I know you are dying to get this recipe, so let me take you over to Country Living where you will find the ingredients and recipe to this fabulous cake.  Enjoy baking, everyone!

Thank you for stopping by today.  I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and I will see you back next Saturday with some more fabulous projects.  Be sure to take some time and check out the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo shows coming up this year.  Click here and I will take you over to our website so you can start your planning for an amazing weekend with some of your family or friends.  I sure hope to see you there!


Tip of the Day: Tin Can Storage from Stamp & Scrapbook Expo



If you are anything like me, I love the feeling of being organized. I’ve been going through doors and closets and have enjoyed getting things cleaned out and straightened up! With that in mind, I was especially happy to have LeAnn from the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo team with us today to share how she’s been getting her pens and tools organized with a fun, inexpensive, and easy tip.

We’d like to thank LeAnn for her tip, and here’s wishing you lots of fun getting your tools organized. Make sure to stop by Stamp & Scrapbook Expo to find an Expo near you and have a weekend full of fun and creativity!

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Freebie Friday – Write It Designs

Write It Designs

Freebie Friday with Jen Walker
Happy Friday! I hope you all had a wonderful week. This week I would like to tell you all about a cool company called Write It Designs. This blog post will feature their planners. Next month I will tell you all about their fully customizable planner pads and notebooks. So let’s get started.

When you visit the Write It Designs website, you can choose from a number of different planners. All the planners have the same content, but you get to choose the cover pattern which in turn determines the colours of the inside content. I chose the Hello Today Teal Dot planner. These planners have one of my favourite features. They are coil bound! I learned many years ago that because of the way I read and write in my notebooks and planners, that I need everything to be coil bound.

Hello Today Planner


Given that it is the beginning of January, I knew that I would use this planner for the 2016 calendar year. As soon as my daughter saw the planner, she grabbed it and said that it would be perfect for school because the planner is not dated so you can start it on any day and month that works for you. Too bad for her, as this one is for me. I can see ordering a planner for her in my future though!

When you open the planner, there is a full 12 month foldout spread housed behind this fabulous quote. I like how each time you peel back the cover this is what you are going to see, something positive and lively!

Write It Designs Planner

Next up in the planner are three years worth of mini calendars. It is always helpful to be able to look both forward and backwards from the current date. For each month you will then find a full month view as well as a week by week view.

Write It Designs Planner

I have been sick this week so I don’t have a lot of tasks listed each day, but on a normal week, these checklists would be filled with organization!

Write It Designs Planner

The open space at the bottom is perfect for making notes that are not day specific. I like to jot down things I need to buy and places I need to go sometime during the week.

Each month also has a to do list for the month. I quickly added reminders for things I want to accomplish this month. Having them written down here will give me a bit more pressure to actually finish them.

Write It Design Planner

At the end of the planner, there is a plastic envelope to hold loose items. For now, I have tucked in the extra stickers I ordered for adding the dates to the planner and for marking special events and occasions.

Write It Designs Planner

My photos don’t do this planner justice. It is truly fabulous!

Friends of Scrapbook Expo

Shelby from Write It Designs would like to give one lucky Scrapbook Expo friend a planner of their own! Hooray!

If you are a fan of planners and notepads, you owe it to yourself to get to know Write It Designs.

For your chance to win this wonderful prize from our friends at Write It Designs, leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you would like to win a planner. This giveaway runs until midnight on Thursday, January 14th.

Last week’s Freebie Friday post was sponsored by the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo. Thank you to everyone who commented on last week’s blog post! The giveaway was for two admission passes to a 2016 Stamp & Scrapbook Expo.

The winner is Simone!

SBE Winner Simone

Congratulations Simone! Please send your mailing address to Jen Walker and include ‘SSBE Admission Passes prize winner ’ in the subject line.

Thanks for joining me this week! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Don’t forget … for your chance to win a planner from Write It Designs, leave a comment on this blog post. This giveaway runs until midnight on Thursday, January 14th..

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~ Jen

Christmas Planner

With how busy the Christmas season is, here is a fabulous idea to help keep everything organized. Get started now and you will have plenty of time to be well organized. This fabulous planner was created by Sabrina Radeck and for more of her outstanding projects, be sure to visit Paper Architecture  Thank you, Sabrina, for sharing such an outstanding Christmas Planner with us.

Christmas Planner

This tri-fold Christmas Planner is quick and easy to put together. What a great idea to change out Christmas to create a wedding, birthday, party, or everyday planner. This project can be easily adapted to fit any need. This would be such a great project to make in an assembly line production to create several gifts for Christmas this year.

Christmas Planner

The completed project measures 5 1/2 ” W x 8 1/2″ H x 11/16″ thick and holds a 5″ x 8 ” paper pad. It has six compartment file pockets and a calendar. Click HERE to view an excellent walk-through video to see all the details. I hope you have been inspired today to get your planner in the making.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by!


SBC_pp-teccl124_0     SBC_pp-teccl117_0     SBC_pp-teccl122_0


Supplies Used (Not Shown)

  • Heavy Card Stock

French Country Wall Organizer

Do you have a student heading off to college? Or maybe you have a home office that needs some help in the organizational department. Than you are going to love this decorative, yet functional piece designed by the very talented Annette Green.

French Country Student's Frame

Annette is an incredible designer, she really has a gift for thinking outside the box and using bits of this & pieces of that to create some very unique pieces.  I highly recommend watching Annettes tutorial on creating this gorgeous organization station. She shares some fun ways to transform common or generic  items while creating a real one of a kind treasure.  

This piece is larger than it looks, the frame measures 18X18. I love how Annette recycles items that she finds at her craft store, you don’t have to limit yourself to the scrapbook section.  Some of my best embellishments were found in the clearance aisle in other sections of the store. A little ink, paint, paper, distressing & of course a little imagination can go a long way.

Refillable note pad

This sweet notepad holder started out as an inexpensive chalkboard, Annette stained it a rich tone then added some patterned paper from the French Country Collection and embellished it with those cute Graphic 45 draw pulls..

I hope you have been inspired to look at things in a different way, just because something started out one color doesn’t mean it has to stay that way 😉 Have fun with your art & remember things aren’t always what they seem.

Thanks for the visit & I wish you a very creative day!


SBC_gf-4500640_0     SBC_gf-4500648_0SBC_gf-4500297_0

SBC_gf-4500546_0SBC_gf-4500548_0        SBC_gf-4500646_0


Supplies Used (Not Shown)

  • Ribbon
  • Wooden box, spools and letter J
  • Cork tile, 6 x 6
  • Mini chalkboard
  • Frame
  • Paint

How To Be An Organized Crafter by Luerae Roberts

Do you spend more time looking for your supplies than you do on actually scrapbooking your pages? Well today we have Luerae Roberts one of our very creative Tipsters from the Ontario CA Scrapbook Expo here to share a priceless tip on how to organize your scrapbooking supplies.

Wow, I can only imagine the time you would save with this wonderful tip. I hope todays post has inspired you to take control and get those crafting hours back.

Thanks for visiting & I hope you have a very creative day.